John Williamson Ascends as LME Chief

John Williamson LME
John Williamson LMEImage Source: John Williamson


John Williamson has been confirmed as the new Chairman of the London Metal Exchange (LME). He's served as Interim Chairman since April and is set to hold this position until April 2026. His focus is on advancing the LME's strategic development and reinforcing its critical role in the global metals market.


The London Metal Exchange, a cornerstone of the global metals market, has today solidified its leadership by naming John Williamson as its Chairman. Williamson, who has been the LME's Interim Chairman since earlier this year, steps into his role with immediate effect, carrying the baton through to late April 2026.

The new Chairman shared his enthusiasm for his ongoing work with the LME, highlighting the advances made under his interim guidance. He has been instrumental in fortifying the LME Board with new, skilled members and in driving the Exchange's strategic initiatives.

Williamson's tenure has so far seen a concerted effort to bolster the LME's positioning within the tumultuous global economic landscape. His mission is to ensure the LME remains a paragon of stability and transparency for the international metals community.

Matthew Chamberlain, LME Chief Executive, has expressed his confidence in Williamson's permanent appointment. He applauded Williamson's dedication and underscored his valuable contribution to the industry, which will be crucial as the LME navigates through this pivotal juncture.

John Williamson's rich background includes chairing the UK Tote Group and holding a non-executive directorship at Pacific Basin Shipping Limited. His wealth of knowledge spans over four decades in the financial and securities sector, with prior high-ranking positions at several esteemed institutions, including Morgan Stanley and NatWest Securities.

Williamson's extensive experience in various facets of the capital markets, ranging from commerce to investment banking and from risk management to regulatory compliance, renders him exceptionally well-equipped to steer the LME towards a prosperous future.

His appointment follows due regulatory approval and is a testament to his deep-seated expertise and profound understanding of the Exchange's operations and challenges.


John Williamson's permanent chairmanship marks a new chapter for the London Metal Exchange. With his strategic vision and proven leadership, he is poised to lead the LME through the complexities of today's global markets. His commitment to innovation and growth, coupled with a respect for the Exchange's storied legacy, promises a steady hand at the helm during a time of both challenge and opportunity for the LME and its international stakeholders.

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