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JSW Steel, a titan in the steel industry, presents a consolidated performance overview for Q3 FY24. With 6.87 million metric tons of crude steel production, the company navigates a dynamic global economic landscape. Despite challenges like increased imports, the Q3 finished steel consumption in India rises by 12%, reflecting robust domestic demand. The financial report reveals a net profit after tax of ₹2,450 crores and a commitment to achieve "Net Zero" carbon emissions by 2050.


In the world of steel, JSW Steel stands as a stalwart, revealing its consolidated performance for the third quarter of FY24. The production metrics paint a formidable picture with 6.87 million metric tons of crude steel, showcasing the company's resilience in a globally challenging economic environment.

Amidst headwinds such as elevated interest rates and geopolitical uncertainties, the global economy maintains its fortitude, albeit with a marginal growth forecast of 2.9% in 2024. For JSW Steel, India's economic prowess emerges as a driving force, propelled by manufacturing momentum and robust investments in infrastructure. Sectors like auto, real estate, and renewables witness substantial growth, offsetting weaknesses in agriculture. However, external shocks remain a looming risk.

The steel demand in India remains buoyant, fueled by robust economic activities and government capital expenditure. In Q3 FY24, finished steel consumption records a noteworthy 12% year-on-year growth, reaching 35.15 million metric tons. Crude steel production also mirrors this growth, standing at 35.98 million metric tons, a 12.1% increase from the previous year.

Despite the vibrant domestic scenario, the surge in steel imports, notably from China, raises concerns. In Q3, imports grow by 16.2% quarter-on-quarter, leading to India's status as a net steel importer. This surge in imports, coupled with a 20% quarter-on-quarter decline in exports, emphasizes the intricacies of the global steel trade.

Delving into JSW Steel's financial performance for Q3 FY24, the numbers unveil a consolidated revenue from operations amounting to ₹41,940 crores. Operating EBITDA stands at ₹7,180 crores, with a margin of 17.1%. The net profit after tax, despite a 12% quarter-on-quarter decline, is a substantial increase from Q3 FY23, reaching ₹2,450 crores.

The financial snapshot also reveals key metrics such as net debt to equity (1.02x) and net debt to EBITDA (2.64x). Noteworthy is JSW Steel's commitment to sustainability, with a pledge to achieve "Net Zero" carbon emissions by 2050, marking a significant stride toward environmental responsibility.

In terms of standalone performance, Q3 witnesses a 6% quarter-on-quarter increase in crude steel production, reaching 5.72 million metric tons. However, steel sales volumes, at 5.20 million metric tons, show a 4% quarter-on-quarter decrease, attributed to higher imports and increased inventory.

Subsidiaries' performance adds depth to the narrative. Bhushan Power & Steel registers notable figures, with crude steel production at 0.86 million metric tons and sales volume at 0.70 million metric tons. JSW Steel USA Ohio, despite challenges, reports production and sales volumes. The Italy operations contribute to the global footprint, producing 1,01,660 metric tons of rolled products.


JSW Steel's Q3 FY24 performance unveils a robust and resilient entity navigating the complexities of the global steel landscape. Amidst economic challenges, the company's commitment to sustainability and its strategic position in the Indian and global markets paint a promising picture. The surge in steel imports signals the need for vigilance, and the financial metrics reflect a balanced approach to growth and stability. As JSW Steel forges ahead, its commitment to achieving "Net Zero" carbon emissions reinforces its role as a leader not just in steel production but in shaping a sustainable future.

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