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Tata Steel's recent announcement unveils changes in key leadership roles. Akshay Khullar assumes the position of Vice President Engineering & Projects, effective December 1, 2023, progressing to full responsibilities from February 1, 2024. Concurrently, Peeyush Gupta, previously VP of Group Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain, will now oversee Total Quality Management alongside existing duties.


Tata Steel, in a regulatory filing on Monday, disclosed significant changes in its senior leadership roles. Akshay Khullar is set to take charge as the Vice President Engineering & Projects, initially designated to assume responsibilities from December 1, 2023, and transition fully into the role by February 1, 2024. This move aligns with the company's succession plan for senior management.

Simultaneously, Peeyush Gupta, currently overseeing the Vice President role for Group Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain, will expand his purview to include Total Quality Management (TQM), complementing his existing responsibilities. Tata Steel's re-designation of these roles reflects a strategic move in enhancing specific facets of its operational and managerial functions.

The decision to appoint Khullar to the pivotal role of Vice President Engineering & Projects highlights Tata Steel's focus on fostering leadership development within its ranks. This measured approach in succession planning aims to ensure a seamless transition and sustained effectiveness in critical operational segments.

Peeyush Gupta's expanded mandate to oversee TQM underscores Tata Steel's commitment to robust quality control measures and operational efficiency. Gupta's extended responsibilities reflect the company's endeavor to consolidate quality management across its strategic procurement, supply chain, and broader operational frameworks.

Tata Steel's regulatory announcement emphasizes a deliberate strategy in talent deployment, reinforcing key departments crucial for the company's sustained growth and operational excellence.


Tata Steel's recent reshuffle in leadership roles, appointing Akshay Khullar as Vice President Engineering & Projects and expanding Peeyush Gupta's responsibilities, signifies a strategic focus on bolstering specific operational areas and quality management within the company. This move aligns with Tata Steel's commitment to sustained growth and efficient operational frameworks.

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