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Klöckner & Co’s acquisition of Industrial Manufacturing Services brings immense growth prospects, expanding their metal fabrication business in the USA, leveraging expertise in welding and OEM-focused services, aligning with their corporate strategy 'Klöckner & Co 2025: Leveraging Strengths.'


In a strategic move to fortify its position in the market, Klöckner & Co, through its U.S. subsidiary Kloeckner Metals Corporation (KMC), has sealed the acquisition of Industrial Manufacturing Services (IMS), a move signaling a significant expansion in the metal fabrication segment within the United States.

This acquisition stands as a pivotal moment in Klöckner & Co's ongoing corporate strategy, "Klöckner & Co 2025: Leveraging Strengths." The focus lies on enhancing their product and service portfolio along the value chain to better serve customer needs. IMS’s annual sales of around $30 million promise a substantial uplift in Klöckner & Co's operations.

Guido Kerkhoff, CEO of Klöckner & Co SE, highlighted the strategic importance of this acquisition, marking it as a key step toward becoming a premier vertically integrated supplier for OEMs in North America. This aligns with their overarching strategy for growth and service expansion.

The CEO of Kloeckner Metals Corporation, John Ganem, emphasized the transformative potential of this acquisition for KMC. The addition of IMS's expertise in welding and finished parts manufacturing complements their existing service offerings, empowering them to enhance their product diversity and deepen customer relationships.

Headquartered in Lancaster, USA, IMS specializes in fabrication, welding, assembly, and just-in-time warehousing for heavy machinery industry OEMs. KMC plans to leverage this acquisition to not only expand their customer base but also augment existing ties with OEMs while bolstering their capabilities in welding and finished parts manufacturing.

The consolidation of IMS into KMC’s operations is poised to catalyze growth opportunities, attract new clientele, and fortify KMC's stature in the market. Moreover, this strategic move sets the stage for KMC to amplify its competitive edge and further differentiate its offerings from industry rivals.


Klöckner & Co’s acquisition of Industrial Manufacturing Services signifies a substantial stride towards bolstering their presence in the metal fabrication industry. With an eye on expanding their service portfolio, leveraging welding expertise, and catering to OEMs, this move aligns seamlessly with their strategic growth aspirations.

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