Konecranes Elevating Hybar’s Steel Future

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Konecranes secures a crucial order to supply 16 specialized cranes to Hybar, a pioneering sustainable scrap metal recycling and steel production company in the US. These cranes, tailored for ladle, charge, rolling mill, and shipping bay operations, will bolster Hybar’s steel rebar production, aligning with their ambitious emission reduction goals and renewable energy initiatives.


In a significant stride towards revolutionizing steel production, Konecranes, a renowned crane manufacturer, has secured a pivotal order to supply 16 specialized cranes to Hybar, an environmentally conscious scrap metal recycling and steel production firm based in the United States. This strategic collaboration underscores Hybar’s commitment to sustainable practices and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the steel manufacturing sector.

Scheduled for delivery between 2024 and early 2025, these heavy-duty cranes encompass ladle, charge, rolling mill, and shipping bay functionalities, crucial for bolstering Hybar’s steel rebar production. This transformative move by Hybar involves constructing its inaugural mill, dedicated to yielding high-quality rebar for substantial industrial projects.

Hybar’s visionary project aims not only to ensure high-quality steel production but also to minimize carbon footprints, positioning it as a front-runner among North American steel producers. With a focus on environmental stewardship, Hybar intends to achieve the lowest greenhouse gas emissions among its peers globally, accomplished through an integrated approach that taps into renewable energy sources, including a directly connected solar panel field.

Konecranes’ delivery of these cranes signifies a tailored solution designed to withstand the rigors of steel production, including high temperatures and dusty environments. Each crane boasts unique features aligned with Hybar’s specific operational requirements. For instance, specialized Shipping Cranes equipped with magnets will efficiently handle spooled rebar coils and long flat bundles, while ladle/charge cranes are outfitted with optimized operator cabins for precise molten metal handling.

Ari Levy, Hybar’s Chief Financial Officer, emphasizes the shared commitment to operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and paramount safety, lauding Konecranes’ deep understanding of steel logistics.

Juergen Gieske, VP of Process Cranes Sales at Konecranes, underscores the alignment between Hybar’s emission reduction strategies and Konecranes’ sustainability goals, highlighting the synergy in this collaboration that aids Hybar’s environmental and financial pursuits.


The collaboration between Konecranes and Hybar stands as a testament to both companies’ commitment to technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and operational safety in the steel manufacturing industry. This strategic partnership not only ensures cutting-edge solutions tailored for Hybar’s specific needs but also reinforces a shared vision towards pioneering environmentally conscious practices in steel production.

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