Krakatau's Logistics Leap: IKN Nusantara Expansion

PTKSImage Source: Oreaco


PT Krakatau Sarana Properti reveals plans for expansion into IKN Nusantara, targeting the logistics sector. With successful achievements in 2023, as reflected in the Company's Work Plan and Budget, KSP aims for continued growth, emphasizing the promising performance of all its business units.


In a strategic move towards further growth, PT Krakatau Sarana Properti (KSP), a subsidiary of Krakatau Steel, is eyeing expansion into the logistics sector within IKN Nusantara. The company's Director, Iip Arief Budiman, expressed satisfaction as the targets set in the 2023 Work Plan and Budget have been successfully achieved.

The performance of all business units within PT KSP is currently undergoing the final auditing process by external accountants. Iip Arief Budiman, in a statement on Friday (19/1/2024), expressed optimism that the audit results would closely align with their calculations, minimizing discrepancies between the company's assessments and the auditor's findings.

This positive outcome sets the stage for PT KSP to explore new opportunities and venture into IKN Nusantara, focusing specifically on the dynamic logistics sector. As the audit concludes, the company aims to maintain its upward trajectory, ensuring that the calculated success of 2023 translates into continued prosperity.


PT Krakatau Sarana Properti's successful attainment of 2023 targets paves the way for an ambitious expansion into IKN Nusantara, with a strategic focus on the thriving logistics sector. The company's commitment to excellence, mirrored in the impressive performance of its business units, positions it for sustained success in the evolving business landscape.

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