Latvia’s Metallurgical Marvel: ICS Steel's Innovation Odyssey

ICS Steel
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In a transformative venture, SIA "ICS Steel" inaugurates its new manufacturing facility in Liepāja's Special Economic Zone, showcasing an investment of €2.5 million. The facility, spanning 3200 m², is set to revolutionize metal surface treatments, from zinc plating to electroplating. The brainchild of co-owner Ingus Sudmalis, the journey from hobbyist to entrepreneur culminated in a strategic partnership with Liepāja SEZ. The endeavor not only addresses local demand but positions "ICS Steel" as a prospective industry leader in the Baltic region.


In the heart of Liepāja's Special Economic Zone, a metallurgical masterpiece unfolds as SIA "ICS Steel" unveils its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This €2.5 million investment, supported by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency, marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey from a passion project to a thriving business.

The newly constructed 3200 m² facility is equipped to provide a comprehensive range of metal surface treatments. From galvanizing to chroming, nickel plating to electroplating, "ICS Steel" aims to be at the forefront of metallurgical innovation. The visionary behind this endeavor, Ingus Sudmalis, initially delved into chrome plating in his workshop as a hobby. Recognizing the surging demand for such services, Sudmalis, in collaboration with Liepāja SEZ, transformed his passion into a full-fledged business. The company's origins trace back to 2018 when the idea of establishing a manufacturing facility took root. Fast forward to 2022, and "ICS Steel" commenced operations in rented spaces at Liepāja Business Center. The venture rapidly gained traction, and with a growing workforce of 22 employees, expansion became inevitable.

Uldis Klapers, a board member of "ICS Steel," emphasizes Liepāja's significance as a hub for metalworking enterprises, creating a synergy between existing and potential clients. The demand for high-quality metal surface treatment services was evident, and "ICS Steel" emerged to fill this gap. The company's mission is not only to meet local demand efficiently but also to position Liepāja as a hub for innovative metallurgical solutions.

Liepāja SEZ played a crucial role in supporting "ICS Steel" throughout its journey. Uldis Hmieļevskis, the manager of Liepāja SEZ, expresses great joy in witnessing local entrepreneurs, alongside international entities, contributing to the region's economic growth. He emphasizes the importance of fostering Latvian-owned businesses, showcasing the strength of the country's economy.

Currently in the testing phase, "ICS Steel" plans to operate at full capacity from March onwards. Ingus Sudmalis envisions "ICS Steel" becoming a formidable player in the Baltic region's metallurgical landscape within two years. The company boasts the largest electropolishing line for stainless steel in Europe, a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to quality.

Looking ahead, "ICS Steel" has ambitious plans for business development. Besides the new manufacturing facility, the company envisions constructing two additional production buildings in the coming years, solidifying its position as an industry leader.


In the heart of Liepāja, "ICS Steel" emerges as a beacon of metallurgical innovation. The inauguration of its cutting-edge manufacturing facility signifies not only a substantial investment but a transformative journey from a hobbyist's workshop to a regional industry leader. With visionary leadership, strategic collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, "ICS Steel" not only meets local demand but sets the stage for a groundbreaking chapter in the Baltic region's metallurgical landscape.

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