Linde's Gaseous Symphony with SAIL

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Linde, a global industrial gases giant, has broadened its partnership with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). The expansion involves Linde constructing a state-of-the-art air separation unit to supply oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant. This $60 million investment aligns with SAIL's growth plans and enhances Linde's local presence in Odisha, a burgeoning industrial hub in India.


In a significant development, Linde has announced the expansion of its enduring collaboration with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), a prominent steelmaking entity in India. Linde, a global leader in industrial gases, presently provides oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant in Odisha, eastern India, through two on-site air separation units (ASUs) operating at maximum capacity.

Under the terms of the newly inked agreement, Linde will extend its capabilities by constructing, owning, and operating an additional 1,000 tons per day ASU. This substantial investment, amounting to approximately $60 million, is poised to nearly double Linde's on-site production capacity at Rourkela. The new ASU, scheduled to be operational in 2026, will play a pivotal role in supporting SAIL's expansion and modernization initiatives in Rourkela.

Moloy Banerjee, President ASEAN & South Asia at Linde, expressed enthusiasm about fortifying support for SAIL's growth trajectory. Linde, renowned for its safe and reliable industrial gases supply, aims to bolster its local network density in Odisha through this investment. This strategic move positions Linde to meet the escalating demand for industrial gases in one of India's fastest-growing regions.

Linde's expanded facility will not only cater to SAIL's requirements but will also serve Linde's existing and new local merchant customers in the region. The move reflects Linde's commitment to fostering local industrial growth while adhering to the highest safety and reliability standards.


In conclusion, Linde's expanded agreement with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) signifies a strategic move to meet the growing demand for industrial gases in India. The $60 million investment, including the construction of a new air separation unit (ASU), underlines Linde's commitment to supporting SAIL's expansion plans in Odisha. This collaboration reinforces Linde's position as a reliable partner in fueling industrial growth in the region.

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