LME's Ambitious Venture: Piloting ShFE Metal Contracts

Matthew Chamberlain,
Matthew Chamberlain,Image Source: WFE


The London Metal Exchange reveals plans to introduce pilot contracts utilizing prices from the Shanghai Futures Exchange this year. LME CEO Matthew Chamberlain, speaking at the World Economic Forum, envisions either releasing pilot contracts or providing a clear roadmap for their introduction. This move, previously disclosed by Reuters, aims to tap into ShFE's pricing dynamics, with a focus on the steel complex due to its significant growth potential.


In a strategic move to broaden its market influence, the London Metal Exchange (LME) is set to venture into pilot contracts, incorporating prices from the Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE). LME CEO Matthew Chamberlain, speaking at the World Economic Forum, outlined the ambitious plan, targeting a rollout within the current year.

The specifics of the contracts to be launched with ShFE are still under deliberation, but Chamberlain emphasized the steel complex as a primary candidate due to its remarkable growth trajectory. This decision aligns with the LME's keen interest in the steel sector, highlighted by an impressive 88% year-on-year surge in Turkey steel scrap volumes.

The move to integrate ShFE prices into LME contracts reflects a strategic collaboration between two prominent metal exchanges, offering a unique blend of international pricing dynamics. Chamberlain envisions the pilot contracts as a significant step towards expanding the LME's global footprint and diversifying its product offerings.

This decision comes on the heels of exclusive reports by Reuters, revealing the LME's strategic intentions to leverage ShFE prices in new metal contracts. As discussions unfold, the LME aims not only to introduce innovative contracts but also to provide a transparent roadmap outlining contract specifications.


The London Metal Exchange's endeavor to introduce pilot contracts using ShFE prices signifies a bold stride towards enhanced global market engagement. With a focus on the steel complex, acknowledged for its substantial growth, the LME aims to capitalize on evolving market dynamics. As the steel sector gains prominence in the LME's portfolio, this strategic move is poised to contribute to the exchange's long-term sustainability and relevance in the ever-evolving metal markets.

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