Locals' Lockdown: ArcelorMittal Faces Transit Turmoil in Mexico

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ArcelorMittal's Mexican unit is grappling with a blockade by locals, obstructing access to its vital mining complex in Michoacan. The standoff, ongoing since December 4, hampers mining operations, prompting the steel giant to seek authorities' intervention for a resolution. The blockade, attributed to a dispute over a "right of passage" through the company's properties, underscores tensions. ArcelorMittal proposes road rehabilitation to ease the situation, urging swift action for the sake of employment and regional well-being.


ArcelorMittal's mining complex in Mexico faces a significant challenge as locals continue to block access, disrupting operations and prompting concerns over the region's economic impact. Since December 4, the Mina Las Truchas facilities have been illegally obstructed, impeding the movement of ArcelorMittal personnel and hindering mining activities.

According to a press release, the ongoing blockade, rooted in a disagreement over a "right of passage" to the river through ArcelorMittal's properties, has yet to be resolved. The steel company emphasizes the need for a swift resolution to resume regular operations.

The company has proposed a solution by offering to rehabilitate a road, subject to approval by the authorities, ensuring traffic safety while addressing local concerns. However, the blockade persists, as confirmed by the ArcelorMittal press office.

ArcelorMittal asserts that the blockade jeopardizes not only its operational continuity but also poses a threat to employment and the well-being of the region. Michoacan, host to the second most crucial mining complex in Mexico, plays a significant role in the country's iron pellet production, contributing 22% to the total.

In a plea to local authorities, ArcelorMittal urges the restoration of the right of transit, emphasizing the urgency of resolving the situation promptly. The company highlights the broader implications for employment and the economic stability of the region, underscoring the need for collaboration between stakeholders to address the ongoing deadlock.


The impasse between ArcelorMittal and local residents over access to the mining complex in Michoacan highlights the delicate balance between industrial operations and community concerns. The steel giant's proposal for road rehabilitation signals a willingness to address the issue collaboratively. Swift resolution is crucial not only for ArcelorMittal's operational continuity but also for preserving employment opportunities and the overall well-being of the region.

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