Magnesium Mastery: Baowu's Intelligent Evolution

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Baowu Magnesium, a pioneering force in the magnesium industry, intensifies its commitment to intelligent manufacturing for sustainable growth. Through automated warehousing and smart factories, the company elevates efficiency and precision in operations. High-point planning for the Baowu Magnesium Project aims to establish an exemplary, green, and intelligent manufacturing venture, fostering advancements in China's magnesium industry.


Baowu Magnesium, integral to Baowu's material industry platform, is strategically focused on enhancing the magnesium-based lightweight industry. Embracing the philosophy of "four modernizations" and "four haves," the company accelerates intelligent manufacturing initiatives, reshaping the trajectory of magnesium development. Positioned as a global leader, Baowu aims to expedite its progress within the magnesium industry landscape.

Established in 1993 and publicly listed in 2007, Baowu Magnesium, over three decades, has evolved into a technology-driven enterprise, integrating mining, non-ferrous metal smelting, and processing. Presently, its products span critical sectors like aerospace, transportation, new energy vehicles, green buildings, and consumer electronics across the nation.

The company's fervent pursuit of intelligent transformation manifests in its Chaohu Precision Factory, boasting an unprecedented automated warehouse logistics system in the die-casting realm. This transition from manual to automated operations exemplifies heightened efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced accuracy, revolutionizing warehousing and logistics management across industries.

Baowu Magnesium's proactive response to the call for "intelligent manufacturing" aligns with the group's policies of safety, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Through digital workshops and intelligent factories, the integration of automation, digitization, and networking has substantially bolstered operational efficiency, epitomizing the company's commitment to innovation.

With the Baowu Magnesium Project, the company pursues a visionary path, aiming to establish an exemplar of green development and intelligent manufacturing. Extensive collaborations and meticulous planning underscore the project's ambition to foster China's magnesium industry, enhancing production capacities and paving the way for a paradigm shift in manufacturing excellence.


Baowu Magnesium's strategic emphasis on intelligent manufacturing heralds an era of precision and efficiency in the magnesium industry. Through automated warehousing, smart factories, and high-point planning for the Baowu Magnesium Project, the company is poised to redefine manufacturing excellence in China. This commitment to innovation signifies a promising leap forward in sustainable and intelligent production methodologies.

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