Metallurgical Marvel: JSW Steel U.S.A.'s Innovations Unveiled

JSW Steel
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Primetals Technologies collaborates with JSW Steel U.S.A. to revolutionize its Mingo Junction facility. This ambitious project includes the installation of North America's largest vacuum tank degasser for cleaner steel production. The upgrade spans steelmaking, secondary metallurgy, and continuous casting, poised to diversify JSW Steel U.S.A.'s product portfolio. The endeavor showcases technological prowess, as a patented continuous bending and straightening process minimizes downtime, elevating operational efficiency. The project, slated for completion in 2025, aligns with sustainability goals and widens product offerings.


In a groundbreaking partnership, Primetals Technologies and JSW Steel U.S.A. embark on an ambitious journey to elevate the steel production landscape at the Mingo Junction facility. This collaboration aims to redefine steelmaking processes, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

The cornerstone of this transformative initiative is the installation of North America's largest vacuum tank degasser (VTD) by Primetals Technologies. This 230 metric ton VTD, equipped with a dry mechanical vacuum pump system, stands as a testament to technological prowess. JSW Steel U.S.A. anticipates cleaner steel production with reduced carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sulfur levels—an essential stride toward enhancing product quality.

Joerg Buttler, Head of Upstream Business for Primetals Technologies U.S.A., emphasizes the intricate design process tailored to JSW Steel U.S.A.'s existing Mingo Junction site. Overcoming space, budget, and metallurgical challenges, the custom-designed VTD integrates mechanical and electrical components, material handling technologies, and advanced automation systems.

Jonathan Shank, Chief Operating Officer of JSW Steel U.S.A.'s Mingo Junction plant, underscores the project's significance in fortifying service capabilities. The upgrade aligns with renewable energy and infrastructure market demands, adhering to the Build America - Buy America Act (BABAA). Shank envisions the project not only strengthening sustainability commitments but also propelling growth through an expanded product portfolio.

A remarkable feat within this collaboration is the 2-strand continuous caster upgrade, slated for completion in the second half of 2025. Typically, such upgrades entail extended shutdowns, but Primetals Technologies manages to achieve a remarkably short downtime of 30 days. This efficiency stems from retaining existing concrete foundations and supporting structures, minimizing time-consuming demolition work.

A patented continuous bending and straightening process, known as Smart Segment, further contributes to operational efficiency. This process allows online and remote adjustments of the roll-gap, dedicated to producing high-quality API grades and plates for the U.S. market. The Smart Segments parameters are meticulously set using advanced mathematical models to ensure optimal performance.

Real-time knowledge is pivotal in achieving optimized secondary cooling of slabs. Dynacs 3D, a secondary-cooling model, offers insights into strand temperature, allowing precise control of the cooling process. The caster is also equipped with DynaGap Soft Reduction 3D, enhancing internal slab quality by reducing center segregation.

The collaboration between JSW Steel U.S.A. and Primetals Technologies not only showcases technological advancements but also underscores a longstanding business relationship. As JSW Steel U.S.A. forges ahead with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, this partnership heralds a new era in steel production.


JSW Steel U.S.A.'s collaboration with Primetals Technologies stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the steel industry. The installation of North America's largest VTD, coupled with a remarkably short downtime for caster upgrades, positions JSW Steel U.S.A. for enhanced sustainability, diversified product offerings, and continued growth in a dynamic market.

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