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Brunswick Steel in Winnipeg orchestrates a transformative symphony of technology, expanding its workspace by 32,000 sq. ft. The addition of a tube laser, a 12-kW fibre laser, and three 400-ton press brakes propels the company into a new era of efficiency. Emphasizing the fusion of cutting-edge machinery, streamlined processes, and a skilled workforce, Brunswick aims to be the fastest and most accessible supplier in the market, envisioning a future marked by enhanced processing capabilities and sustainable growth.


In the bustling realm of metal fabrication, Brunswick Steel in Winnipeg takes center stage with a resounding declaration of change. The company's expansion, unveiling a 32,000 sq. ft. workspace, becomes a canvas for innovation, welcoming customers and suppliers to witness the evolution of a well-established player in the industry.

At the core of Brunswick's transformative journey is a strategic investment in advanced machinery. The acquisition of a BLM Lasertube LT8.20 for tube cutting, a 12-kW Mitsubishi flatbed laser for sheet cutting, and three Adira 400-ton hydraulic brakes signifies a commitment to technological excellence. These additions not only bolster the company's processing capabilities but also align with its overarching vision of becoming the fastest and most accessible supplier in the marketplace.

The BLM Lasertube LT8.20 emerges as a game-changer, designed to handle tubes and profiles with remarkable precision. With capabilities extending to drilling, tapping, and flow drill systems, this machine addresses Brunswick's aspirations to expand into laser tube cutting, complementing its proficiency in structural tubing and parts production.

The 12-kW Mitsubishi laser, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), takes center stage in sheet cutting. Its ability to adapt dynamically to cutting conditions, monitor the nozzle, and make changes without operator intervention elevates efficiency. With a focus on thicker materials, the laser promises a 40% increase in speed compared to its predecessor, contributing to significant time savings.

The press brake investment at Brunswick follows a similar narrative of strategic planning. Three Adira 400-ton hydraulic brakes, aligned side by side, showcase a commitment to seamless production flow. With an identical operating system across all machines, the company prioritizes quick training and program flexibility. The emphasis on cultural fit in new hires facilitates a swift onboarding process, aligning with the goal of creating a workforce adaptable to the machinery.

Brunswick's innovative approach extends beyond machinery to encompass the intricacies of production flow. The company embraces the concept of "velocity manufacturing," drawing inspiration from the Theory of Constraints. Streamlining operations and pursuing simplicity become focal points, supported by the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) grant. Roller tables, a seemingly simple addition, emerge as crucial components in enhancing product flow and ensuring safety, embodying the philosophy of achieving scale without a proportional increase in labor.


In conclusion, Brunswick Steel's expansion and technological investments herald a new era in metal fabrication. The harmonious integration of cutting-edge machinery, streamlined processes, and a dedicated workforce positions the company at the forefront of efficiency and innovation. The vision to be the fastest and most accessible supplier reflects a commitment to excellence, with Brunswick poised to navigate the evolving landscape of metal manufacturing with agility and resilience.

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