Metallurgical Triumph: ArcelorMittal's Pecem Milestone

ArcelorMittal's Pecem
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ArcelorMittal's Pecem slab production plant, nestled in the Brazilian state of Ceara, accomplished a remarkable feat in 2023, producing 3.0 million metric tons and hitting its nameplate capacity for the first time since inception in 2016. CEO Erick Torres attributes this success to operational excellence, emphasizing the integral role each production stage plays. Notably, high added value (HAV) steel products constitute a significant portion of the plant's output, boasting 243 different grades and accounting for 40.5 percent of the 2023 slab volume. The plant also achieved an 8 percent reduction in emissions, a commendable environmental milestone.


In the heart of the Brazilian northeastern state of Ceara, ArcelorMittal's Pecem slab production plant stands as a testament to metallurgical prowess. The year 2023 marked a historic achievement for the facility, reaching its nameplate capacity of 3.0 million metric tons, a notable milestone since its commencement in 2016.

Erick Torres, the plant's CEO, attributes this success to a commitment to operational excellence throughout the production chain. He emphasizes the significance of every stage in an integrated steel plant, underscoring the meticulous orchestration required to achieve planned results. The culmination of efforts is evident in the plant's ability to meet and exceed its production targets.

A defining characteristic of the plant's output is the prominence of high added value (HAV) steel products. With a diverse portfolio comprising 243 different grades, these products accounted for a substantial 40.5 percent of the total slab volume in 2023. This reflects not only the quantity but also the quality and diversity of steel produced, catering to a myriad of industrial needs.

Environmental responsibility is another pillar of the plant's success story. In 2023, the facility achieved an impressive 8 percent reduction in emissions compared to the previous year. This accomplishment is attributed to increased efficiency in blast furnace operations and a heightened utilization of scrap in the steel conversion area. The plant's commitment to sustainable practices is particularly noteworthy, considering it was already operating with emissions 50 percent lower than the current legal limit in Brazil.


ArcelorMittal's Pecem slab production plant emerges as a beacon of success in the metallurgical landscape. The attainment of its nameplate capacity, coupled with the remarkable production of high added value steel, highlights the plant's commitment to excellence. The environmental strides, marked by an 8 percent reduction in emissions, underscore a harmonious balance between industrial productivity and ecological responsibility. As the plant continues its journey of innovation and efficiency, it sets a commendable standard for the broader steel industry.

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