MetalQuanta: ArcelorMittal's Powdered Revolution

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ArcelorMittal pioneers the additive manufacturing sector by venturing into steel powder production. With a cutting-edge atomizer in Spain, the company is set to deliver high-quality steel powders for technologies like laser powder bed fusion and binder jetting. The initiative underscores ArcelorMittal's commitment to sustainability, utilizing renewable energy and recycled materials in the process.


ArcelorMittal takes a transformative leap into the additive manufacturing (AdM) domain, announcing its foray as a steel powder supplier. The company is constructing a state-of-the-art inert gas atomizer in Aviles, Spain, poised to commence production in January 2024. This industrial-scale atomizer will facilitate batch sizes ranging from 200 kg to 3 metric tons, with an initial annual capacity of 1000 metric tons, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality steel powders.

The initiative aligns with ArcelorMittal's dedication to sustainability, emphasizing the use of renewable electricity, industrial gases from renewable sources, and recycled packaging solutions in the atomization process. The newly established business unit, ArcelorMittal Powders, aims to commercialize these steel powders, tailored for additive manufacturing technologies across industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and energy.

Marketable under the AdamIQ™ brand, ArcelorMittal's product portfolio encompasses stainless steels (316L, 430L, 17-4PH), tool steels (H11, H13, M300), and low alloy steels (4140 equivalent). The company, leveraging its metallurgical expertise, plans to introduce additional steel powder products for testing in 2024, emphasizing its commitment to advancing additive manufacturing technologies.

Colin Hautz, CEO of ArcelorMittal Powders, emphasizes the company's readiness to scale up production and provide a reliable source of high-quality steel powders. Acknowledging additive manufacturing's potential for design and manufacturing process changes, Hautz underscores the inherent sustainability of steel through its recyclability.


In conclusion, ArcelorMittal's entry into the additive manufacturing market heralds a new era of sustainable steel production. With the establishment of an advanced atomizer and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, the company aims to offer high-quality steel powders for various applications. This strategic move positions ArcelorMittal at the forefront of innovative and sustainable solutions, contributing to the growth and reliability of additive manufacturing.

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