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Christopher M. Zimmer
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Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc., has announced a significant change in its top leadership. Christopher M. Zimmer has been named the new President and CEO, succeeding Dennis M. Oates. Zimmer, a long-time veteran of the company, will assume his new role on November 1st. Oates will continue his association with Universal Stainless as the Executive Chairman, focusing on long-term strategic issues.


In an event marking a pivotal moment in the company's history, Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc., has instigated a significant transition in its upper echelons. The corporation declared that Christopher M. Zimmer will take the helm as the President and Chief Executive Officer effective November 1st, 2023. This ascension marks the next chapter in the company's long-standing leadership succession strategy.

Zimmer is no stranger to the inner workings of Universal Stainless. Having entered the corporate ring in 2008, he has held multiple pivotal roles, culminating in his recent post as the Chief Operating Officer. Zimmer's tenure as COO has involved overseeing a myriad of departments, including manufacturing, technology, quality organizations, sales, marketing, and supply chain management and development.

On the occasion, Zimmer expressed profound gratitude and excitement, stating that he feels "deeply honored" to lead the company. His focus will be on propelling Universal Stainless towards achieving its long-term growth strategies. Zimmer also mentioned his close working relationship with his predecessor, Dennis M. Oates, and the influential senior management team as a pivotal factor in driving the company's growth.

In the freshly minted role of Executive Chairman, Oates will still hold a key position in the company's trajectory. With his wealth of experience and industry connections, Oates will focus on a seamless transition and tackling the organization's longer-term strategic issues. He remains committed to ensuring Universal Stainless's progressive trajectory and expressed high confidence in Zimmer's capabilities.

This leadership transition comes at a time when Universal Stainless is on an upswing. The company's products, comprising of a wide range of specialty steels, find applications across diverse sectors like aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and heavy equipment manufacturing. The change in leadership aims to provide fresh impetus to the company's ongoing projects and future endeavors.

As Oates takes on a more overarching role, focusing on strategic dimensions, Zimmer will look to imbue fresh perspectives and innovative approaches into the day-to-day operations. This is seen as an aligned and synergic partnership that will continue to elevate Universal Stainless to new heights. The Board of Directors and shareholders have expressed full support for the new changes.

The transition certainly marks a defining period for Universal Stainless, reiterating the company's focus on growth and a sustainable future. With a capable and experienced duo at its helm, the corporation looks set to venture into an era of unprecedented expansion and profitability.


The leadership change at Universal Stainless is a strategic move aimed at building a strong future for the company. With Christopher M. Zimmer stepping in as the President and CEO and Dennis M. Oates shifting to the role of Executive Chairman, the company is well-positioned to tackle both operational challenges and long-term strategic objectives effectively. Both leaders bring with them a wealth of experience and a track record of achievement, making the future look promising for Universal Stainless.

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