Metinvest: Triumph Amidst Trials

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Metinvest's CEO, Yuriy Ryzhenkov, pens a resilient column for NV + The Economist's "The World Ahead 2024." Despite war challenges, Metinvest perseveres, emphasizing their rebuilt business model, support for employees and the Ukrainian army, and commitment to green transformation.


Amidst the trials of war, Metinvest, under CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov's guidance, stands resolute, navigating through adversity while shaping their future. Ryzhenkov's column reflects the company's resilience and adaptation during the past two years of conflict, outlining crucial "Rules of Life" forged in the furnace of challenges.

The foremost challenge faced by Metinvest was the imperative to endure and rebuild. Amidst the upheaval, the company restructured its business, enhancing autonomy for its enterprises across Italy, Great Britain, and the USA. Operational models underwent transformation, reconstructing new logistics chains to facilitate product exports. Despite turmoil, Metinvest remains a stalwart economic contributor and a foundational pillar supporting Ukraine across defense, social, and economic realms.

The company's dedication to people emerged as a central tenet. Employees, resilient after the initial shock of war, rallied to manufacture new products, bolster the army, and extend care to colleagues and citizens. A remarkable 8,000 team members joined the armed forces, showcasing their commitment to national defense. Additionally, Metinvest facilitated the evacuation of around 20,000 individuals from Mariupol and Avdiivka, ensuring their needs were met. Presently, their focus shifts to rehabilitation, veteran reintegration, and employment support.

Metinvest's role as a benefactor to the Ukrainian army is noteworthy. Dubbed the largest private donor, the company's bulletproof vests shield one in ten Ukrainian soldiers. Their steel products fortify defensive structures and support humanitarian projects, directly impacting half a million individuals.

An empowering organizational philosophy emerged, empowering local ground-level personnel with decision-making authority. This decentralization expedited crucial choices and enhanced accountability.

Looking forward, Metinvest remains steadfast in their green transformation strategy, unwavering despite the ongoing conflict, envisioning an environmentally conscious future across all domestic and foreign assets.


Despite facing the ravages of conflict, Metinvest's journey stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability. Yuriy Ryzhenkov's column showcases a company persevering amidst adversity, steadfastly committed to their employees, country, and a sustainable future despite the trials they have faced.

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