Metinvest Unveils Lifesaving Anti-Mine Trawls

MetinvestImage Source: Metinvest


Metinvest has begun mass production of anti-mine trawls for Ukraine's Armed Forces. These trawls neutralize and detonate land mines, enhancing the safety of military personnel and vehicles. Production is a part of Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front initiative, and the company aims to produce up to five trawls per month.


In a significant move to aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Metinvest has launched the mass production and supply of anti-mine trawls. This development comes as part of Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front initiative and aims to bolster the counteroffensive capabilities of Ukraine's military.

Metinvest has designed trawls similar to the KMT-7 model. These trawls are fixed onto tanks and are made to detonate and neutralize both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. The trawls have undergone rigorous testing by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and have been approved for deployment.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently require these trawls due to the extensive mining of territories along the frontline. The trawls are designed to take over the detonation of mines, thereby saving both lives and equipment. Each trawl costs about $83,333, considering additional equipment for tank crews.

The trawls weigh 6.5 metric tons and measure 3.77 x 3.44 meters. Each set of trawls must withstand multiple explosions, meeting the rigorous standards of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They will be primarily supplied to brigades in the most conflict-ridden areas.

Metinvest has also initiated the production of component repair kits to facilitate quick repairs. These kits include three sets of wheels per trawl, as these are the parts most susceptible to damage during operations.

The trawls have been praised for their quality and necessity in counteroffensive operations. They not only protect tank crews but also pave the way for infantry, making them a vital asset in the ongoing conflict.

Metinvest has already allocated $66.6 million to support the defenders as part of the Steel Front initiative. This includes various other types of military equipment like bulletproof vests, mobile shelters, and drones.


The mass production and supply of anti-mine trawls by Metinvest mark a critical step in enhancing the safety and effectiveness of Ukraine's Armed Forces. With a planned production rate of up to five trawls per month, this initiative will go a long way in safeguarding lives and aiding counteroffensive operations.

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