Metinvest's Boats: Aiding Ukraine's Defense

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Metinvest donates 10 high-speed boats, trailers, and life jackets worth UAH 53 million to Ukraine's Armed Forces, enhancing naval operations. The Rib-type boats, lauded for their agility and seaworthiness, bolster the military's capabilities, allowing swift deployment and combat readiness.


Metinvest, through its Steel Front initiative, has contributed significantly to Ukraine's defense. The recent donation of 10 RIB-type high-speed boats, accompanied by trailers and life jackets, emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting the country's Armed Forces.

The boats, known for their inflatable sides and sturdy construction, are prized for their lightweight build, speed, and exceptional performance in various armed forces worldwide. Their design eliminates the need for specialized mooring equipment, enhancing operational flexibility, especially in emergencies.

"These boats offer incredible agility and speed. With powerful engines, our troops can swiftly transition from land to water, performing critical missions," stated a Ukrainian soldier, acknowledging Metinvest's contribution.

The specialized trailers further facilitate rapid deployment, enabling the boats to access water directly from the shore without additional unloading equipment like cranes. Securing these specific boats involved extensive searching globally, highlighting the meticulous approach taken.

Oleksandr Vodoviz, head of Metinvest's project office, emphasized the rigorous selection process, culminating in partnering with a European manufacturer meeting quality and delivery requisites. These boats, accommodating 10-12 individuals, are earmarked for amphibious operations in the Black Sea by Ukraine's defense forces.

Metinvest's support extends beyond boats; the company also provided self-inflating vests critical for preserving soldiers' health in adverse conditions, especially during amphibious operations in colder weather.

Since the conflict escalated, Metinvest has allocated over UAH 4 billion to aid Ukraine, with Steel Front alone contributing more than UAH 2 billion. This support includes armored shields, steel dugouts, vehicles, drones, thermal imagers, and communication equipment for the military.


Metinvest's donation of high-speed boats, trailers, and life-saving equipment underscores its unwavering commitment to fortify Ukraine's defense capabilities. Through its substantial contributions, the company stands as a pillar of support, providing critical resources to empower the country's Armed Forces.

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