Metinvest's Military Defense Engagement

Metinvest, amidst conflict, contributes resources to fortify defense belts in key areas of Ukraine. Through round-the-clock efforts and
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Metinvest, amidst conflict, contributes resources to fortify defense belts in key areas of Ukraine. Through round-the-clock efforts and heavy equipment deployment, they aid in constructing protective structures in collaboration with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.



Amidst the ongoing conflict, Metinvest Group has stepped up its efforts to bolster defense lines in pivotal regions of Ukraine. They've mobilized resources for constructing primary and secondary defense fortifications in strategic areas. Coordinated with Ukraine's Ministry of Defense, they've focused on areas critical for establishing defense belts. Their continuous efforts involve specialist personnel and heavy machinery, working tirelessly to fortify regions, notably in Donetsk.

Oleksandr Myronenko, Metinvest's Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes the criticality of this decision to reinforce defensive structures, supporting Ukraine's defense against invasive forces. The company's commitment stands firm alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces, striving to protect both civilians and soldiers.

The company has allocated significant financial resources totaling $149.7 million to aid Ukraine. A substantial portion, exceeding $74.7 million, has been dedicated to support through the Steel Front military initiative, providing essential equipment like bulletproof vests, helmets, anti-tank hedgehogs, and vehicles to the military.

Specialized expertise and heavy machinery, including excavators and trucks, have been deployed. Additionally, Metinvest supplies construction materials like wood and implements its proprietary mobile steel shelters, designed to shield against shelling, furthering their support in fortification construction.

Project coordinator Musa Magomedov highlights the urgency for businesses to follow suit, emphasizing the importance of resource mobilization to safeguard Ukrainian cities from facing the fate of conflict-ridden areas like Avdiivka.

The company's proactive involvement in fortification construction and substantial aid to the military underscores its commitment to Ukraine's defense during the conflict.


Metinvest's concerted efforts in fortification construction, provision of equipment, and financial support reflect their commitment to fortify Ukraine's defense and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Amidst conflict, their proactive engagement emphasizes solidarity with Ukraine's defense against invasive forces.

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