Metinvest's Threefold Impact in Crisis

MetinvestImage Source: Metinvest


Despite hardships post-war, Metinvest emerged as a pillar in Ukraine's defense, social welfare, and economic recovery. With investments exceeding UAH 4.8 billion ($126 million), the steel giant spearheaded initiatives like steel production for defense, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction plans, while supporting employees and bolstering tax contributions.



In the aftermath of upheaval caused by conflict, Metinvest, under Rinat Akhmetov's guidance, recalibrated its focus in 2023. Overcoming adversities, it directed substantial resources towards pivotal endeavors, ensuring its prominence in Ukraine's defense, social welfare, and economic resurgence.

Under its 'Steel Front' initiative, Metinvest allocated a substantial UAH 4.8 billion for defense. Notably, the company dedicated UAH 2.5 billion as the largest private donor to Ukraine's Armed Forces. Manufacturing specialized steel for armor plates and shields, providing robust protection, became a priority. The company also devised innovative mobile shelters and fabricated dummy artillery and vehicles for military aid.

Metinvest's efforts extended to procurement, supplying over 1,500 drones, communication gear, and vehicles, while producing essential protective gear like bulletproof vests, helmets, and turnstiles. The company's support program encompassed sapper training and mine trawl production, crucial for post-conflict demining operations.

In tandem, Metinvest dedicated efforts to support employees and communities, focusing on veterans' reintegration, offering bonuses, and creating a robust support system for their physical and psychological well-being. Extensive humanitarian aid initiatives reached over half a million Ukrainians, providing essentials, psychological rehabilitation, and prosthetic programs.

Despite challenges, Metinvest maintained steel production at 65-75% capacity, contributing significantly to Ukraine's tax revenue by foregoing tax benefits and paying full taxes. Amidst logistical complexities in exports, the company sought new markets, especially in Europe, for metal exports. It outlined the 'Steel Dream,' envisioning prefabricated steel projects for post-war reconstruction, garnering support from various Ukrainian cities.


Metinvest's multifaceted engagement in defense, social welfare, and economic revival amidst adversity portrays a commendable commitment. By dedicating substantial resources to aid the army, supporting employees, and contributing significantly to tax revenues despite operational challenges, the company stands as a robust supporter of Ukraine's recovery and resilience in tumultuous times.

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