Metron Embraces NSCarbolex™: Steel's Green Leap

MetronImage Source: Metron


Nippon Steel's NSCarbolex™ Neutral, adopted by Metron, signifies a crucial shift toward sustainability. Metron, prominent in diamond wire production for solar cells, embraces this eco-friendly innovation. The alliance addresses CO₂ emissions across scopes, emphasizing NSCarbolex's role in mitigating emissions. SPURKS™, integrated with NSCarbolex, promises solar manufacturing advancements, aligning with Nippon Steel's commitment to environmental stewardship.


In a significant stride towards sustainability, Nippon Steel Corporation proudly announces the adoption of its groundbreaking low CO₂ steel innovation, NSCarbolex™ Neutral, by YANGLING METRON NEW MATERIALS INC. This landmark collaboration signals a pivotal moment as Metron, a major player in electroplated diamond wire production for photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturers, embraces the eco-conscious features of NSCarbolex Neutral in its operations.

Metron’s dedication to reducing CO₂ emissions spans the three emission scopes, addressing both direct and indirect emissions related to fuel utilization, energy procurement, and other indirect emissions within its value chain. The deliberate selection of NSCarbolex Neutral by Metron underscores its potency in mitigating Scope 3 emissions, cementing its role in the pursuit of sustainability.

Strengthening this eco-friendly initiative is Nippon Steel’s SPURKS™, the product infused with NSCarbolex Neutral. Part of the esteemed NSCarbolex Solution portfolio, SPURKS™ stands ready to transform the solar panel manufacturing process, envisioning a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, propelling solar energy towards environmental stewardship.

Nippon Steel remains resolute in providing NSCarbolex Neutral and NSCarbolex Solution as indispensable tools, aligning with customers’ aspirations for decarbonization. This commitment not only bolsters their competitive edge but also steers society towards carbon neutrality. This alliance stands as a testament to Nippon Steel’s unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable practices and contributing to a future rooted in ecological harmony.


The collaboration between Nippon Steel and Metron symbolizes a shift towards sustainability in steel production. NSCarbolex™ Neutral's adoption by Metron showcases its potential in mitigating emissions, further solidifying Nippon Steel's commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener, more sustainable future.

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