Mexico Keeps Steel Duties Against China Intact

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Mexico has decided to continue the antidumping duties on imports of certain types of carbon steel pipes from China. These duties were originally implemented in March 2018 and vary from $356 to $618 per metric ton depending on the Chinese company involved. Mexican companies had requested an investigation into price discrimination in 2016.


The Mexican government recently announced that it will maintain the antidumping duties on imports of carbon steel pipes with longitudinal seams from China. These duties, ranging from $356 to $618 per metric ton, were initially set up in March 2018. Different rates apply to imports from different Chinese companies like Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial, Tianjin Huilitong Steel Tube, and Tianjin United Steel Pipe.

These pipes come into Mexico under various tariff codes, as per the Tariff of the Law of General Import and Export Taxes (TIGIE). Companies such as Forza SPL, Pytco, and Tubería Laguna had requested an investigation into these imports as far back as 2016. At that time, these companies constituted 40.2% of the national production of these steel pipes.

Other Mexican companies that supported the investigation are Ternium, Peasa, Tubacero, Procarsa, Perfiles y Herrajes, Regiomontana, Prolamsa, and Arco Metal. These companies accounted for an additional 16.2% of national production. However, two companies, Conduit and Lámina y Placa Comercial (Grupo Villacero), which made up 3.4% of the production, did not back the investigation.

According to the Mexican government, companies that are interested in this issue have 20 business days to present their arguments and additional evidence. Although the Chinese government and companies were invited to participate in this review since its initiation in March of this year, there has been no response from their side.

It should be noted that these antidumping duties aim to protect the national steel industry from unfair competition and price discrimination. They are not just arbitrary measures but are based on a thorough investigation that involved various stakeholders, including producers and importers.

The continuation of these duties is crucial for the domestic steel industry in Mexico. It provides a level playing field and helps to sustain local manufacturing, thereby contributing to the country's economy.


The Mexican government's decision to continue the antidumping duties on carbon steel pipes from China serves as a protective measure for its local industry. By keeping these duties in place, Mexico is ensuring fair competition and supporting domestic manufacturers. It’s a step that underscores the significance of safeguarding national industries in a globally competitive market.

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