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Anglo American's latest update focuses on its commitment to sustainability in mining. The company aims to balance industry demands with social and environmental responsibilities. Using innovative technologies and sustainable designs, it is progressing toward carbon-neutral operations by 2040. The update reiterates the importance of building trust with stakeholders while meeting the increasing need for essential metals and minerals.


Anglo American, a leading global mining company, has released its latest sustainability performance update. According to Duncan Wanblad, the CEO, the core of the company's strategy is an integrated approach to sustainability. This approach aims to bridge the gap between the growing demand for mined materials and societal acceptance of mining activities.

Helena Nonka, the Director of Strategy & Sustainability, emphasized that a holistic approach to sustainability drives both commercial and stakeholder value. The company incorporates sustainability into every aspect of its business, from project design and portfolio choices to daily operational decisions. As societal expectations grow, the need for materials essential for modern life, like housing and food, will also rise.

Tom McCulley, CEO of Anglo American’s Crop Nutrients business, noted the significance of embedding the latest sustainability practices and technologies into mining designs. The company looks to set new benchmarks for modern mining that are both safe and environmentally friendly. Anglo American aims to create a value proposition for its customers that aligns with environmental credentials, particularly through its low carbon, organic-certified, and high efficacy fertilizer products.

Alison Atkinson, the Projects & Development Director, stressed the importance of incorporating sustainability into the design and operation of the company’s assets. The Quellaveco operation in Peru was cited as a prime example, featuring full automation, digital operation, and innovative water supply designs. Anglo American is applying similar innovation to upcoming projects like Woodsmith fertilizer project in the UK and potential Sakatti polymetallic project in Finland.

The company is also making strides toward its goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2040. They have already reduced their Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 21% since 2019, thanks in part to a transition to 100% renewable electricity supply in South America. The company also plans to extend these renewable energy efforts to Australia by 2025.

Additionally, Anglo American is collaborating with prominent steelmaking customers to develop cleaner technologies. This is part of their ambition to halve Scope 3 emissions, which are dependent on the decarbonization of value chains, particularly in the steel industry. They have entered into agreements with several steel producers across Asia and Europe, including a recent agreement with China’s Baosteel, a major global steel producer.


Anglo American's latest sustainability update underscores their commitment to responsible mining. The company is working diligently to meet societal needs while being cognizant of environmental impacts. With a goal of carbon-neutral operations by 2040 and various initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability, Anglo American is setting a new standard for the mining industry.

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