MMK Pioneers Green Calculations: Automated GHG Emission System

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Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works breaks ground as Russia's first steelmaker testing an automated system for greenhouse gas emissions calculation. Validated by TÜV AUSTRIA, a leading environmental assessment company, the system integrates seamlessly into MMK's computer network. Adhering to international standards, it consolidates data, providing precise GHG emission monitoring, carbon footprint calculation, and insights into metric variations with changing inputs. This leap in sustainability aligns with MMK's commitment to cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies, showcasing a major stride in transparent and automated environmental reporting.


Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has emerged as a trailblazer in the Russian steel industry, initiating trials for an automated system designed to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This groundbreaking system, validated by environmental and climate protection specialists TÜV AUSTRIA, marks a significant leap forward in environmental monitoring within the steelmaking sector.

Developed as a virtual interface seamlessly integrated into MMK's computer network, the automated system follows rigorous standards, encompassing international, national, and industry-specific benchmarks. The methodology considers relevant criteria from various divisions to quantify MMK's GHG emissions accurately. Beyond emission monitoring, the system calculates the carbon footprint of MMK's products, providing insights into metric variations resulting from changing initial inputs.

CEO of MMK, Pavel Shilyaev, emphasized the company's leadership in adopting cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies aimed at reducing anthropogenic environmental impact. The newly introduced information system aligns with this commitment, enhancing the precision and efficiency of GHG emission monitoring. Shilyaev sees this as a pivotal milestone in MMK's sustainable development, underscoring systematic efforts to minimize the company's climate impact.

One of the notable features of the system is its modular solutions, allowing flexible adaptation to the specific needs of the plant. Additionally, the system is designed for potential deployment across MMK Group subsidiaries, ensuring a scalable and comprehensive approach to GHG emission monitoring.

The collaborative effort behind this innovative system involved the expertise of audit and consulting company Kept, working closely with MMK's environmental staff and MMK-Informservice. The validation process by independent audit company TÜV AUSTRIA encompassed a thorough assessment of calculation methodologies, formulas, coefficients, and overall system functionality. The positive conclusion attests to the soundness of the calculation algorithms used for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions.


MMK's pioneering move to implement an automated greenhouse gas emission calculation system not only underscores its commitment to sustainability but also positions Russia at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives within the steelmaking industry. The positive validation from TÜV AUSTRIA adds a layer of credibility to the system, signaling a new era in precise and transparent environmental reporting.

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