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Montana: Acrow's Swift Bridge Rescue


Acrow, a bridge engineering leader, swiftly installed a modular steel bridge to restore access to East Rosebud Lake in Montana. Historic flooding in 2022 had severed connections, stranding residents and impeding access to the popular East Rosebud Campground. The company's rapid solution aimed to reconnect the community while a permanent bridge is planned.


The aftermath of historic flooding in June 2022 left the South-Central region of Montana reeling, with devastating damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Among the affected areas, East Rosebud Lake in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness faced isolation due to a destroyed bridge, severing crucial access routes.

The Alpine community of 67 seasonal cabins bore the brunt, with 80 residents stranded after the bridge on the only access route collapsed. Moreover, the damaged infrastructure disrupted access to the East Rosebud Campground, a favored destination managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Swift action followed the catastrophe, with forest engineers conducting aerial assessments, uncovering not just the washed-out bridge but also three miles of ravaged routes. By late summer, plans were underway for a temporary bridge and road. The U.S. Forest Service, prioritizing swift reconnection, opted for Acrow's modular steel Acrow 700XS® bridge for the project.

Acrow's bridge, 160 feet long and 13 feet wide, arrived at the site in late May. Despite setbacks caused by high water levels, the bridge was skillfully installed in June by Thompson Contractors using a cantilever launch. By August 4, the bridge was operational, offering relief until a permanent structure is constructed.

Kevin Traynor, Acrow's Business Development Manager, highlighted the company's swift response, citing the readily available components that facilitated rapid assembly and installation. Eugene Sobecki, Director National Sales, emphasized Acrow's extensive experience in restoring vital infrastructures globally.

The bridge, expected to remain for two years, awaits the construction of a permanent solution. Acrow's adaptable components, known for their quick deployment, stand as a testament to the company's commitment to emergency response and efficient infrastructure solutions.


Acrow's timely installation of a modular steel bridge at East Rosebud Lake exemplifies the company's dedication to rapid infrastructure solutions in emergencies. The temporary bridge reconnects the community, ensuring access while plans for a permanent bridge take shape. Acrow's expertise in swift deployment stands pivotal in restoring essential lifelines post-disaster.

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