Mr TV Narendran Honored with Prestigious IIM-JRD Tata Award

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Tata Steel's CEO & MD, T. V. Narendran, receives the esteemed IIM-JRD Tata Award 2023 for his exemplary leadership in the metallurgical industry, celebrating his contributions to sustainability and innovation in Tata Steel's endeavors.


In a remarkable tribute to leadership excellence, the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) has bestowed the IIM-JRD Tata Award (2023) upon T. V. Narendran, the CEO & MD of Tata Steel. This distinguished recognition was presented during the 77th Annual Technical Meeting of the Institute in Bhubaneswar, marking a momentous accolade in the Mining and Metals industry. Satish Pai, President of the Indian Institute of Metals, bestowed the honor.

The IIM-JRD Tata Award stands as a testament to T. V. Narendran's substantial contributions to the industry, underscoring Tata Steel's steadfast commitment to sustainability, innovation, and responsible business practices. Narendran's leadership has propelled Tata Steel's initiatives towards a more environmentally conscious and impactful trajectory.

Introduced in 2006-07, this special award by the Indian Institute of Metals commemorates the visionary legacy of J. R. D. Tata. It mirrors his aspiration for conglomerates to influence and positively impact communities and nations. The Indian Institute of Metals, headquartered in Kolkata, is a distinguished professional organization revered for its dedication to advancing metallurgical sciences and practices.


The conferral of the IIM-JRD Tata Award upon T. V. Narendran signifies a pivotal recognition of his exceptional leadership in the metallurgical realm. Narendran's unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation within Tata Steel aligns seamlessly with the institute's vision, exemplifying a profound commitment to progress and ethical business practices. This honor not only celebrates Narendran's achievements but also underscores Tata Steel's enduring legacy of responsible corporate leadership in the metallurgical sector.

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