Mystical Vapors: Ternium's Revelation*

Ternium Mexico
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Inspectors from Nuevo León's Environmental Prosecutor's Office visited Ternium's Mexico unit following citizen reports of mysterious emissions. Ternium confirmed water vapor emissions from cooling towers but asserted their harmlessness. The scrutiny coincides with the state's legal action against Pemex for refinery contamination. Despite a citizen's social media posts depicting grayish smoke, Ternium emphasizes its consistent processes and $300 million investments in eco-friendly technologies.


In the realm of industrial scrutiny, Ternium's Mexico unit found itself under the watchful gaze of inspectors from the Environmental Prosecutor's Office of Nuevo León. The cause? Reports circulating on social media, portraying alleged columns of smoke or gases emerging from one of Ternium's steel plants in the vicinity of the state capital. This investigation unfolds against a backdrop of heightened environmental concerns, with the state government already pursuing legal action against Pemex, the state oil company, for purportedly contaminating the city through its refinery.

Following a meticulous two-day inspection, Ternium issued a statement acknowledging the generation of emissions, specifying that these emanated as water vapor from equipment known as 'cooling towers.' These towers utilized treated water for the purpose of cooling, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable practices. The company, however, maintained that these emissions were not just harmless but part of standard processes, unwavering both day and night.

The allegations surfaced after a concerned citizen shared images on social media, capturing what seemed to be a column of grayish smoke billowing from the Ternium plant. In response, the company sought to dispel any apprehensions, reiterating the consistency of their operations and attributing the heightened visibility of water vapor during nighttime to lower temperatures.

This incident comes at a critical juncture for Ternium, which underscored its significant investments in environmental improvements, surpassing the $300 million mark. These investments primarily focus on the modernization of equipment, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies aligned with sustainability benchmarks. Ternium aims to meet the most stringent environmental standards, showcasing a proactive stance towards ecological responsibility.

In the broader context of industrial operations, the clash between economic imperatives and environmental consciousness becomes evident. Companies like Ternium, with their substantial investments and commitment to eco-friendly technologies, exemplify a trend towards balancing industrial growth with environmental sustainability. As the world grapples with the imperative to mitigate climate change, such instances provide insights into the ongoing efforts and challenges faced by industries in their pursuit of responsible practices.


In conclusion, Ternium's Mexico unit undergoes scrutiny following citizen reports of mysterious emissions, coinciding with the state's legal action against Pemex. The confirmed water vapor emissions from cooling towers are asserted to be harmless. Despite social media images depicting grayish smoke, Ternium assures the public of consistent processes and emphasizes its substantial investments, exceeding $300 million, in eco-friendly technologies and environmental improvements.

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