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Electricall Steel
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IPPON KINZOKU Group, through subsidiary NIKKINDENJI KOGYO CO., leads in crafting Ultra-thin Electrical Steel Strips (3% silicon steel), under 0.1mm thick. With 50+ years' expertise, they cater to growing demands for low loss and downsizing in renewable energy and high-frequency inverters. These strips, boasting minimal iron loss, high flux density, and excellent insulation, prove pivotal in applications like high-frequency transformers, reactors, and power systems.


In a technological feat, NIKKINDENJI KOGYO CO., LTD., a subsidiary of IPPON KINZOKU Group, stands as Japan's sole manufacturer of Ultra-thin Electrical Steel Strips, measuring less than 0.1mm in thickness. Leveraging over 50 years of proficiency in production and sales, the company specializes in crafting these strips and designing cores and reactors. With a focus on addressing the surging demand for efficiency and downsizing in the renewable energy and high-frequency inverter markets, their Ultra-thin Electrical Steel Strips have gained trust globally.

Key Features:

1. Eco Products: The strips boast remarkably low iron loss in the high-frequency range, contributing to heightened efficiency and energy savings in transformers and reactors.

2. High Magnetic Flux Density: Exhibiting higher magnetic flux density in the 400 Hz-40 kHz frequency range than other materials, the strips facilitate downsizing of reactors.

3. High Magnetic Permeability: Their high magnetic permeability extends applications to shielding materials.

4. Excellent Insulation Coating: Equipped with an outstanding inorganic insulating coating, the strips enable "distortion annealing," optimizing material characteristics.

Application Examples:

• GT Series: Ranging from 0.04mm to 0.12mm in thickness and 5mm to 310mm in width, these strips find application in reactors for high-frequency inverters, renewable energy power systems, power conditioners, and direct current power transformer systems.

• ST Series: With thickness varying from 0.05mm to 0.15mm and width from 5mm to 310mm, these strips prove beneficial in applications like motor cores for automotive (EV/HEV), HDD, medical equipment, and magnetic bearings for turbo-molecular pumps.

IPPON KINZOKU Group's commitment to innovation is evident in the versatility and efficiency of their Ultra-thin Electrical Steel Strips, serving as a catalyst for advancements in diverse industries.


IPPON KINZOKU Group's breakthrough technology, showcased through NIKKINDENJI KOGYO CO., introduces Ultra-thin Electrical Steel Strips under 0.1mm thick. With over 50 years of expertise, these strips offer unparalleled advantages, from minimal iron loss and high magnetic flux density to excellent insulation. Catering to the surging demand for efficiency in renewable energy and high-frequency inverters, these strips prove instrumental in downsizing and enhancing performance across various applications. IPPON KINZOKU Group's commitment to eco-friendly solutions and technological advancements solidifies its position as a leader in the electric revolution.

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