Nippon Steel: Decarbonizing Dreams: Hydreams Unveiled

Nippon Steel unveils Hydreams™,
Nippon Steel unveils Hydreams™,Image Source: Nippon Steel


Nippon Steel unveils Hydreams™, their revolutionary R&D base dedicated to advancing decarbonization technologies. Positioned at Hasaki, this innovation hub focuses on producing high-grade steel in large EAFs and bolstering reduced iron production for EAF utilization.


In a groundbreaking move, Nippon Steel has shed light on its ambitious project, christened as "Hydreams™." As the global emphasis on sustainable practices and decarbonization intensifies, industries are compelled to adapt and innovate. Standing at the forefront, Nippon Steel’s Hydreams promises to be a beacon of such evolution.

The name Hydreams™ is an amalgamation symbolizing Hydrogen Direct Reduced Ironmaking and Electric Arc Multi-purpose furnaces for Steelmaking. This innovative R&D base is intended exclusively for pioneering decarbonization technology.

Hasaki's R&D Center is the chosen arena where the magic unfolds. The company is meticulously planning to bolster technologies that cater to high-grade steel production in large-size Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs). Moreover, there's an equal emphasis on enhancing the reduced iron production, which would subsequently be used in these EAFs.

But what makes "Hydreams" truly stand out? Well, the company is designating a district within Hasaki as "Hydreams™." This specific zone will house test shaft furnaces and test EAFs, amplifying the company's research capacities and facilitating real-time, on-ground assessments.

In the Kashima area, adjacent to the East Nippon Works, a small-scale test EAF, with a 10 metric ton per charge capacity, is already under construction. Anticipations run high, as tests from this facility are slated to commence from FY2024. Parallelly, a small-scale test shaft furnace is also being erected, with its operational tests projected to begin from FY2025.

The endeavors don’t just end here. To ensure comprehensive technology coverage, the company is showcasing a technology demonstration plant in Kimitsu. This facility aims to pioneer in-house hydrogen injection into blast furnaces, thereby solidifying the firm's stance on innovative, green steel production.


The inception of Hydreams™ symbolizes Nippon Steel's unwavering commitment to a greener future. By consistently investing in and enhancing decarbonization technologies, the steel industry is not just meeting global sustainability demands but is also setting benchmarks for others to follow.

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