Nippon Steel: NSCarbolex: Forging Eco-Steel Innovations

NSCarbolex™ Neutral
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Nippon Steel pioneers "NSCarbolex™ Neutral," a low-CO2 steel, adopted by YANGLING METRON NEW MATERIALS INC. for manufacturing diamond wires used in photovoltaic silicon wafer production. This move aligns with Metron's drive to curb CO2 emissions across the value chain, leveraging Nippon Steel's solutions for Scope 3 emission reduction in solar panel manufacturing.


In a notable breakthrough, Nippon Steel Corporation proudly unveils "NSCarbolex™ Neutral," an eco-friendly steel variant set to revolutionize the steel industry. This innovative product finds application in YANGLING METRON NEW MATERIALS INC.'s production of electroplated diamond wires, primarily utilized by photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturers in their manufacturing processes.

The essence of "NSCarbolex™ Neutral" lies in its remarkable CO2 emission reduction during the steelmaking process, an attribute that attracted Metron, headquartered in Yangling, Shanxi, CHINA, to incorporate this solution into their operations. Metron, in its sustainability endeavors, actively addresses Scope 1, 2, and notably Scope 3 CO2 emissions within its value chain, recognizing the value of "NSCarbolex™ Neutral" in curbing these indirect emissions.

Moreover, Nippon Steel's SPURKS™, a product integrated with "NSCarbolex™ Neutral," forms part of the broader "NSCarbolex Solution," contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emission reduction in solar panel manufacturing processes.

Nippon Steel remains committed to delivering "NSCarbolex™ Neutral" and the comprehensive "NSCarbolex Solution," emphasizing support for their customers' decarbonization pursuits. This commitment aims not only to bolster their competitiveness but also to drive the realization of a carbon-neutral society.


Nippon Steel's introduction of "NSCarbolex™ Neutral" marks a pivotal advancement in eco-steel innovations. The adoption of this low-CO2 steel by YANGLING METRON NEW MATERIALS INC. for diamond wire manufacturing resonates with Metron's drive to tackle Scope 3 emissions in photovoltaic silicon wafer production. Nippon Steel's ongoing commitment to delivering sustainable solutions underscores its role in propelling customers toward decarbonization, promoting competitiveness, and shaping a sustainable, carbon-neutral society.

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