Nippon Steel NSCarbolex™: Pioneering Carbon Neutral Steel

In 2023, Nippon Steel unveiled “NSCarbolex™ Neutral,” an innovative low CO₂ emission steel. Partnering with STEELARIS, a


In 2023, Nippon Steel unveiled “NSCarbolex™ Neutral,” an innovative low CO₂ emission steel. Partnering with STEELARIS, a Singapore-based steel wholesaler, they aimed to spread this eco-friendly steel across ASEAN industries, targeting carbon neutrality by 2024-2025.



The unveiling of “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” by Nippon Steel in 2023 heralded a watershed moment in the steel industry's pursuit of sustainability. Crafted meticulously to mitigate CO₂ emissions in steel production, this pioneering product found its exclusive distributor in STEELARIS, a prominent Singapore-based steel wholesaler.

STEELARIS prides itself on tailoring steel plates for varied applications, particularly within the oil & gas, construction, and offshore structure sectors across the ASEAN region. With a firm commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2024-2025, they identified “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” as a pivotal asset in their journey.

Recognizing the intrinsic value of “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, STEELARIS devised a strategic plan. Leveraging their robust sales and distribution network, they aimed to introduce this groundbreaking solution to project owners, engineering firms, construction conglomerates, and fabricators.

In tandem with STEELARIS, Nippon Steel embarked on a collaborative effort to amplify the reach and awareness of “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” across the ASEAN region. This partnership transcended mere commercial interests, embodying a shared commitment to forge a society deeply rooted in carbon neutrality.

The commitment of Nippon Steel to deliver “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” and the accompanying “NSCarbolex Solution” stands as a testament to their dedication to supporting clients in their quest for decarbonization. These cutting-edge products and solution technologies not only bolster the competitiveness of their partners but also advocate ardently for a world governed by carbon-neutral principles.



The collaboration between Nippon Steel and STEELARIS in introducing “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” reflects a profound commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality. This groundbreaking steel innovation isn’t just a product; it signifies a shared aspiration towards shaping industries and societies that prioritize environmental responsibility and pave the way for a carbon-neutral future.

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