Nippon Steel's NSCarbolex™
Nippon Steel's NSCarbolex™Image Source: SteelGuru

Nippon's Carbon-Conscious Creations


Nippon Steel introduces NSCarbolex™, a pioneering initiative for sustainability, offering products and solutions that significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. This strategic move supports the international competitiveness of their clients, encompassing approximately 6,000 companies in Japan.


Nippon Steel, a global steel industry titan, has taken monumental strides towards carbon neutrality with its NSCarbolex™ initiative. This innovative action signifies a harmonious blend of Nippon Steel's expertise, lesser carbon dioxide emissions, and an added 'X' factor representing their commitment to a greener tomorrow.

The essence of NSCarbolex™ is twofold. Firstly, it emphasizes the reduction of CO₂ emissions during the production and processing phases. Secondly, it focuses on cutting down CO₂ emissions during the usage of customer products crafted from their steel. This duality in value not only reflects Nippon's dedication to sustainability but also fortifies the international standing of its clientele, which spans an impressive roster of around 6,000 companies within Japan.

A surge in demand has been noted for NSCarbolex™ Neutral, a unique steel variant that significantly trims CO₂ emissions during the early stages of a customer's process. To put this into perspective, several orders reflecting diverse applications showcase the versatility and appeal of NSCarbolex™ Neutral.

For instance, the Sobajima Can Company opted for Tinfree Steel, which lacks tin coating and is employed for metal containers. This variant stands out due to its commendable corrosion resistance, efficiency, and adaptability to processes like painting and printing. On the international front, 85 Degrees Renewables in the Netherlands has integrated Super 13Cr for a geothermal development project, highlighting the steel's long-term corrosion resistance and its potential for cost reduction over time.

Further, Hisaka Works is utilizing plate-type heat exchangers for the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo, boasting the strength of titanium steel sheets. Atago-Body's "Ecology Box", a container made for transporting recycled resources, employs the Abrasion-resistant steel plate "ABREX™", celebrated for its robustness and eco-friendly attributes. Lastly, GE Vernova integrates grain-oriented electrical steel sheets in their Grid Solution business, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during converter use.


Nippon Steel's NSCarbolex™ initiative stands as a testament to their vision of a sustainable industrial landscape. Through strategic partnerships and innovative products, the company is not just envisioning, but actively crafting a carbon-neutral future, setting an exemplary standard for industries worldwide.

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