NLMK Group Expands Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NLMK Group Expands Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NLMK Group has established a centre to process and analyze data collected using unmanned aerial vehicles at its mining facilities. Drones will be used in

the open-cast mine for prospecting and monitoring the condition of the roads, heat networks, power lines, and other infrastructure elements. The gain from expanding the use of UAV technology is estimated at RUB 100 million per year.

Using aerial photography will expand the Company’s capabilities across a range of production processes:

A more accurate and fast data collection tool will become available for prospecting and other surveying activities.

Photogrammetry will enable a more precise evaluation of the iron content and distribution in the overburden following an explosion. Ore shipments from the mine will be managed more efficiently, ensuring the Fe content required to support the stable operation of the beneficiation factory.

Drones will be used to control the condition of the roads in the open-cast mine. This will prompt timely road repairs, and positively impact fuel consumption, tire life, and the frequency of mine dump truck repairs.

Drones with thermal imaging cameras will be employed to reduce heat losses from buildings and heating grids. Additionally, drones can provide footage of facilities that are hazardous or difficult to access, such as smokestacks, ventilation ducts, and tailing dumps.

UAV centre drones will make around 600 flights per year to provide aerial photography of 150 facilities spanning over 5,000 hectares.

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