NLMK Supplies Electrical Steel for Krasnoyarsk HPP Transformers
NLMK Electrical Steel Krasnoyarsk HPPAlex Polezhaev

NLMK Supplies Electrical Steel for Krasnoyarsk HPP Transformers

NLMK Group has delivered premium laser-treated electrical transformer steel to SVEL Group, a leading Russian manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment.

NLMK steel was used to make a 630 MVA three-phase potential transformer for the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Plant. By 2024, NLMK plans to supply close to 2,000 tonnes of steel to SVEL for the production of six more transformers. NLMK steel properties will enable a reduction in specific magnetic losses in transformers of up to 15% compared to commercial grades.

Built in 1972, Russia's second-largest hydro power plant, the Krasnoyarsk HPP, is located on the Yenisei River near Divnogorsk. It supplies power to the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter. Currently, the hydroelectric power plant is undergoing a comprehensive upgrade to install superpower transformers.

About SVEL

SVEL Group a leading Russian manufacturer of electric power equipment used throughout the entire energy value chain: from power generation to consumption. SVEL Group companies specialize in the production of various types of transformers, current-limiting reactors, switchgear and control gear. SVEL Group and NLMK have been cooperating for more than 15 years.

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