NLMK's Monumental Trucking Triumph

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NLMK celebrates a milestone as its Logistics Centre in Lipetsk achieves a record-breaking 1 million metric tons in truck shipments, enhancing fast, secure, and efficient deliveries, thereby aiding customers in managing inventories and optimizing production schedules.


NLMK proudly announces a significant accomplishment as its Logistics Centre situated at NLMK Lipetsk hits an exceptional benchmark, shipping over 1 million metric tons of metal products annually via trucks. This achievement marks a remarkable record since the Centre's establishment in 2020, signifying its growth and impact within a short span.

The Logistics Centre plays a pivotal role in ensuring rapid, reliable, and secure deliveries of metal products to customers across Russia's Central Federal District. It provides a sprawling area of 30,000 square meters for storage, with the capability to accommodate up to 70,000 metric tons of metal products simultaneously. In 2022, the Centre achieved its design capacity of 700 ktpa.

With a futuristic approach, the Logistics Centre incorporates cutting-edge storage and movement solutions for metal products. Its integrated IT system collaborates seamlessly with NLMK's other ERPs, facilitating efficient coordination among production, sales, and logistics, optimizing warehousing capacities for enhanced operational efficiency.

A sophisticated video surveillance system meticulously captures and analyzes all operations at the facility. Automated mechanisms efficiently measure, plan, and track manipulations by equipment and personnel, ensuring secure storage and precise handling of products away from environmental degradation.

NLMK Group stands as a vertically integrated steelmaking giant, the largest steel producer in Russia, with an annual production capacity exceeding 14.5 million metric tons. Its steel products cater to diverse industries, spanning from construction and machinery to power-generation equipment and offshore wind turbines.


NLMK's Logistics Centre achievement not only signifies a significant milestone in transportation but also underscores the company's dedication to innovative solutions and operational excellence.

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