Nordic Firms Champion Green Steel Campaign

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Nordic companies, Cargotec, Enersense, and YIT, collaborate with WWF Finland to advocate for low-emission steel production, emphasizing the pivotal role of transitioning towards eco-friendly methods in combatting the climate crisis caused by the steel industry.


In a united effort to combat the escalating climate crisis, Nordic companies Cargotec, Enersense, and YIT have aligned with WWF Finland to champion a critical campaign promoting low-emission steel production. This coalition stands as a beacon, highlighting the imperative need for a greener, more sustainable future within the steel industry.

Acknowledging the pressing urgency, Bernt Nordman, head of WWF Finland's Climate program, underscores the steel industry's substantial contribution to global warming, constituting nearly 28% of industrial greenhouse gas emissions and 7–9% of overall climate-warming emissions worldwide.

For Cargotec, steel structures constitute a significant portion of their supply chain emissions, urging the need for cleaner production methods. Päivi Koivisto, VP Sustainability at Cargotec, emphasizes the necessity for the steel industry to transition towards eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability.

Enersense, a provider of green energy services, recognizes steel's vital role in their value chain, advocating for reduced climate-warming emissions across operations. Tommi Manninen, SVP of Communications at Enersense, echoes the commitment to fostering an eco-conscious value chain.

YIT, prioritizing sustainable building, identifies steel's pivotal role in emission reduction. Wilhelm Ehrnrooth, VP of ESG at YIT, underscores their commitment to reducing material emissions in their operations, endorsing the shift towards low-emission steel production.

The campaign emphasizes the urgency to shift from coal-burning blast furnaces to emission-free electric arc furnaces, alongside increased utilization of steel and iron scrap as raw materials. This pivotal transition aims to drive steel reduction processes towards green hydrogen-based methodologies.


Nordic companies' collaborative commitment with WWF Finland illuminates the imperative need for the steel industry's transition towards eco-friendly production methods. This joint endeavor amplifies the call for a sustainable, low-emission future, pivotal in combating the escalating climate crisis.

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