Novel Bid: $27 Billion Green Iron Project in West Australia

PHGSImage Source: Port Hedland Green Steel


West Australia contends with a Middle Eastern nation for a $27 billion green iron plant. South Korean giant POSCO explores Port Hedland for a hot briquetted iron (HBI) facility, aiming to triple Australia's iron production to 12 million metric tons. The project's six-stage plan envisions utilizing liquefied natural gas initially, transitioning to green hydrogen for sustainable operations.


A prospective South Korean-led venture to erect a hot briquetted iron (HBI) plant in Port Hedland, Western Australia, is underway. POSCO, contemplating this $27 billion project, intends to process magnetite iron ore into HBI using liquefied natural gas initially. This HBI will then serve South Korea's steelmaking industry after shipping.

In the long term, POSCO seeks to swap gas for green hydrogen, aiming to mitigate carbon emissions. The project, Port Hedland Green Steel (PHGS), encompasses six phases, targeting 2 million metric tons of HBI production per phase. The construction is projected to engage up to 2,500 workers and sustain 400 operational jobs.

While Port Hedland is a prime choice, industry sources reveal another contender, Oman, in this bidding race. Should the project materialize fully, it could significantly boost Australia's annual iron production from 4 to 12 million metric tons, marking a monumental undertaking.

Value addition is a key driver, potentially magnifying the value of processed iron ore fivefold. Western Australia's $125 billion worth of iron ore production in 2022/23 could undergo substantial value escalation if processed into HBI. However, this transformation aligns with the region's pursuit of downstream processing for enhanced value.

Local businesses in Port Hedland welcome the potential economic shift but remain cautious due to labor and housing shortages. The town braces for substantial industrial development, emphasizing the need to address employment and housing challenges.

POSCO's focus on renewable energy sources aligns with plans to collaborate on a green hydrogen project in the region. Such initiatives may trigger more renewable projects, like BP's Australian Renewable Energy Hub, setting the stage for a sustainable energy push.


The potential $27 billion green iron venture in West Australia, spearheaded by POSCO, holds promise to significantly escalate iron production, create employment, and drive the region's economy. With its focus on green energy, this initiative may pave the way for a broader embrace of sustainable practices and future renewable energy endeavors.

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