Nucor's Carbon Neutral Steel Pledge

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Nucor Corporation sets industry-leading greenhouse gas targets for 2050, aiming for net-zero emissions in line with the Global Steel Climate Council's standards. This commitment includes ambitious interim targets for 2030 and covers all scopes of emissions in steel production.


Nucor Corporation, recognized as a leader in the North American steel sector, has taken a bold step toward environmental sustainability by announcing net-zero science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) targets for the year 2050. In a groundbreaking initiative, the company has also set an interim target for 2030, embracing the Global Steel Climate Council's "Steel Climate Standard," which is in harmony with the Paris Climate Agreement.

These targets encompass scopes 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions in the production of hot rolled steel, marking Nucor as the first diversified steelmaker in the U.S. to target a comprehensive reduction across all emission scopes. This new direction is a significant escalation from Nucor's previous goal set in 2021, which aimed at a 35% reduction in steel mill GHG intensity by 2030 from a 2015 baseline.

Leon Topalian, Nucor's CEO, emphasized the company's role in pioneering sustainable steelmaking solutions and supporting customers in achieving their environmental objectives. Nucor's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its strategic investments to expand access to carbon-free electricity and foster technologies crucial for a clean industrial future.

Nucor's steel production process, which relies heavily on recycled scrap, is already among the world's cleanest. The company's operations are significantly more efficient in terms of GHG emissions compared to conventional blast furnace steelmaking methods.

To meet its 2050 and 2030 targets, Nucor plans to intensify the use of clean electricity, explore carbon capture and sequestration, and implement near-zero GHG iron-making processes. Additionally, the company will focus on reducing carbon consumption in injection and charging processes and curtail the use of natural gas.

Greg Murphy, Nucor's Executive Vice President, highlighted the company's commitment to transparency in emissions reporting and the regular update of emissions reduction strategies. Nucor will continue to disclose its progress and have its reports verified by independent third parties.


Nucor's commitment to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 sets a new standard for the steel industry. By focusing on comprehensive GHG reduction across all scopes and investing in clean technologies, Nucor is charting a path for the steel sector that aligns with global climate goals. Their strategy serves as a blueprint for others in the industry, showcasing a clear route towards a more sustainable and responsible future in steel production.

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