Nucor's Fourth Quarter Earnings Forecast

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Nucor Corporation foresees a decline in fourth-quarter earnings, projecting $2.75 to $2.85 per diluted share, notably lower than previous quarters due to decreased pricing and volumes across all operational segments.


Nucor Corporation, a prominent player in the steel manufacturing industry, released its guidance for the fourth quarter of 2023, projecting a notable decrease in earnings compared to previous quarters. The estimated earnings, ranging between $2.75 to $2.85 per diluted share, highlight an anticipated downturn from the third quarter's $4.57 and the fourth quarter's $4.89 per diluted share in 2022.

Anticipating a decline across its operational segments, Nucor foresees lower pricing and volumes impacting its financial performance. The steel mills segment expects pronounced declines in realized pricing, particularly in sheet and plate mills. Similarly, the steel products segment anticipates decreased earnings due to moderating average selling prices and reduced volumes across various product groups. Moreover, the raw materials segment is poised for reduced earnings owing to lower pricing for raw materials and planned outages at DRI facilities.

The contrast between the forecast for 2023 and the exceptional items of 2022, such as after-tax net benefits related to state tax credits and write-offs in the raw materials segment—signifies a challenging landscape influencing Nucor's projected fourth-quarter earnings.


Nucor Corporation's announced forecast for the fourth quarter of 2023 depicts an anticipated decline in earnings, primarily attributed to reduced pricing and volumes across its operational segments. This projection underscores the challenging market conditions the company faces, signaling a potentially challenging quarter ahead.

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