Nucor's Steel Symphony: Inaugurating Advanced Greenfield Facility

BrandenburgImage Source: SMS


Nucor Steel Brandenburg marks a momentous milestone with the inauguration of its cutting-edge facility in Kentucky. Equipped with one of the world's largest continuous casting plants, capable of producing 1.45 million metric tons of ultra-wide and ultra-thick slabs annually, Nucor aims to supply sustainably manufactured steel, including the innovative Elcyon™ for offshore wind projects. SMS contributes vital equipment, emphasizing low-NOx burners and advanced control systems. The collaboration extends beyond construction, with SMS offering lifecycle support and a dedicated repair service center, strengthening the enduring partnership between Nucor and SMS.


In the picturesque landscape of Buttermilk Falls Industrial Park, Kentucky, Nucor Steel Brandenburg proudly unveiled its state-of-the-art greenfield facility along the serene banks of the Ohio River. This momentous occasion marks a significant leap in the steel industry's pursuit of sustainability and technological prowess.

At the heart of the facility lies a technological marvel—a single-strand continuous caster, courtesy of SMS. This remarkable piece of engineering stands as one of the world's largest and most advanced continuous casting plants. With the capability to churn out 1.45 million metric tons of slabs annually, ranging from ultra-wide to ultra-thick dimensions, it positions Nucor Steel Brandenburg at the forefront of steel manufacturing on a global scale.

The strategic vision behind this new plant extends beyond mere production numbers. Nucor's ambitious plan involves supplying sustainably manufactured steel, a commitment reflected in the development of Elcyon™, a heavy plate product crafted from recycled materials. Elcyon™, tailored for the offshore wind industry, not only signifies a leap in sustainable steel but also addresses the growing demand within the US energy sector for domestically sourced, eco-friendly materials.

SMS, as a key partner in this venture, provided crucial equipment, including the single-strand continuous caster, walking beam and bogie hearth furnaces, a continuous heat treatment line, and heavy-plate treatment section. Of particular note are the SMS ZEROFlame burners, known for their low-NOx, flameless attributes, ensuring both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The level of automation and control systems integrated into the facility is a testament to the commitment to precision and efficiency. The X-Pact® DigiMod Control system orchestrates modulating control and digital control of burners, guaranteeing optimal furnace performance under varying conditions. Complementing this, the X-Pact® Prometheus system ensures precise temperature profiles with minimal fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The collaboration between Nucor and SMS transcends the construction phase. In a strategic move, SMS has established a repair service center onsite, underscoring its commitment as a lifecycle partner. This center not only facilitates ongoing maintenance but also extends repair services for continuous casting molds and containment segments.

The partnership, spanning over 35 years, signifies more than just a business collaboration. Chad Donovan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SMS group, and Key Account Manager for Nucor, describes it as "another chapter in the long history of Nucor and SMS group." This enduring alliance stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the steel industry.


Nucor Steel Brandenburg's new facility, fueled by cutting-edge technology from SMS, not only elevates the steel manufacturing process but sets a benchmark for sustainable practices. Beyond the inauguration, the collaborative efforts ensure a future where precision, efficiency, and environmental responsibility harmoniously coexist. The partnership between Nucor and SMS, marked by innovation and shared values, promises to shape the narrative of steel production for years to come.

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