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Nucor Steel is investing $280 million in its Tuscaloosa facility to enhance existing product lines and introduce a new steel product. This investment will lead to the production of higher-quality steel and is expected to maintain over 400 jobs, solidifying the plant's future operations.


Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa has announced a substantial $280 million investment in its rolling mill in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, demonstrating a commitment to long-term growth and technological advancement. This initiative, supported by the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority, will broaden the mill's product range and introduce a novel product line not currently produced in the United States.

This expansion is poised to enhance the quality of steel coil and plate products by producing thinner, stronger, and higher-grade steel. Brian Phillippi, vice president and general manager of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa, highlighted the importance of this investment for staying competitive and seizing new market opportunities.

Construction activities at the mill, which presently employs over 400 individuals, are scheduled to start by the end of the year. Secretary Greg Canfield of the Alabama Department of Commerce praised the investment for securing the future of the facility and its well-paying jobs.

The project's completion is slated for the summer of 2027, with Justice Smyth, executive director of the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority, expressing pride in Tuscaloosa being chosen for this expansion. He emphasized Nucor's confidence in the local workforce and the partnership with the community.

To facilitate this investment, the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority approved a tax abatement package, providing significant tax savings that will help retain the current workforce and generate additional revenue for local vendors and tax bases.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox noted Nucor's active role in supporting local education through various programs, pointing out that the new project will further enhance educational opportunities.

The tax benefits from Nucor's expansion are substantial, with an estimated $11 million in taxes to be paid, including $7.5 million dedicated to educational taxes.

Local officials, including TCEDA chair Norman Crow and Probate Judge Rob Robertson, have lauded Nucor's investment, recognizing its positive impact on the community and the vital role of domestic steel production in national economic productivity.


Nucor's investment in the Tuscaloosa mill is a significant boost to the local economy and the steel industry. By investing in advanced technology and new product lines, Nucor is not only ensuring job security for hundreds of employees but also reinforcing its commitment to innovation and community development. As the project progresses, it is expected to have far-reaching effects on the region's industrial landscape and educational opportunities.

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