Omar Gandhi's Corten Steel Retreat: A Blend of Craft & Nature

Nestled in the serene Nova Scotia forest, Omar Gandhi Architects has unveiled the White Rock Cottage, a 1,500-square-foot Corten steel
Omar Gandhi
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Nestled in the serene Nova Scotia forest, Omar Gandhi Architects has unveiled the White Rock Cottage, a 1,500-square-foot Corten steel haven. This architectural masterpiece, perched on slender columns, offers a unique blend of design, texture, and immersive nature. With two bedrooms, a sleek kitchen, and breathtaking forest views, it serves as a haven for mental well-being. The cabin's aesthetic appeal combines contemporary elements with the rustic charm of Corten steel, culminating in a retreat that invites serenity and rejuvenation.


In the heart of the picturesque Nova Scotia forest, a remarkable architectural gem has emerged, courtesy of Omar Gandhi Architects. The White Rock Cottage, enveloped in Corten steel, stands as a testament to craftsmanship, design, and an unyielding connection to nature.

This 1,500-square-foot retreat, situated on a forested hillside, is more than just a structure; it's a harmonious blend of elements that invites you to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life. Nestled within the Gaspereau River Valley, this haven offers respite for those seeking solace amidst nature's embrace. Whether you're a fan of skiing, hiking, cycling, or wine tourism, the location caters to all seasons and tastes.

The mind behind this architectural marvel, Omar Gandhi, envisions this retreat as a sanctuary for the soul. It stands apart from its surroundings, embracing a unique approach that combines craft, design, texture, and the play of light to create an atmosphere of mystery and allure. From the moment you arrive, the cabin promises delightful surprises and awe-inspiring vistas of the forest and valley beyond.

The cabin's design, characterized by a large corrugated Corten steel box atop slender columns, evokes the image of a duck blind, a structure designed to harmonize with its surroundings while offering refuge from the world's distractions. As you approach, a smooth weathering steel entryway beckons, leading to a covered gravel patio where one can find solace.

Inside, the cabin's interior is a testament to both comfort and aesthetics. The two bedrooms, adorned with antique linens and hand-dyed fabrics, provide a serene retreat within the retreat. Large picture windows frame captivating views of the eastern and western horizons, bringing nature indoors. Smoked oak interiors, complemented by raw steel shelving and industrial light fixtures, create an ambiance that soothes the senses.

The cabin's functional spaces are equally inviting. The kitchen boasts stainless steel cabinetry, shelves, and appliances, exuding a modern charm. It is furnished with carefully selected pieces, including an antique Arne Norell lounge chair, Luca Nichetto and Montauk Sofa furniture, and a white oak dining table by Mjolk. The fusion of contemporary and antique elements adds an element of intrigue and delight to the space.

One of the cabin's standout features is the rooftop patio, accessible via a Corten steel roof hatch. This 600-square-foot haven offers dining and lounge spaces surrounded by Japanese maples and panoramic views of the lush tree canopy. It's a place where one can savor the tranquility of nature while basking in the glory of the forest.

As with any architectural masterpiece, the landscape design is as essential as the structure itself. Thoughtful rainwater capture and storage for irrigation, along with the preservation of existing trees, ensure that the cabin leaves a light ecological footprint. This respect for nature is particularly significant as the Gaspereau River Valley holds historical and cultural importance for the Mi'kmaq indigenous community and the Acadian community.


Omar Gandhi's Corten steel retreat, the White Rock Cottage, stands as a testament to the fusion of modern design with the serenity of nature. It offers a respite from the chaos of the world, inviting individuals to disconnect, unwind, and rejuvenate. This architectural masterpiece exemplifies the harmony that can be achieved when craftsmanship and the environment intertwine.

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