Osaka's Eco-Focused Steel Revolution

ECOARC-light™Image Source: Steel Plantech


Osaka Steel, part of the Nippon Steel group, has introduced the ECOARC-light™, an eco-friendly Electric Arc Furnace at Sakai Works. Developed by Steel Plantech Corp, this innovative furnace pre-heats metal scraps, efficiently uses exhaust gas, and reduces both initial investment and construction time.


Osaka Steel, a prominent subsidiary within the Nippon Steel group, continues to take impressive strides towards carbon neutrality. Their recent venture is the installation of ECOARC-light™ at the Sakai Works in their Osaka Unit. This cutting-edge Electric Arc Furnace, which was unveiled in September 2023, stands as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

ECOARC-light™ isn't just any electric arc furnace. It's a brainchild of Steel Plantech Corp, designed with both the environment and efficiency in mind. One of its most notable features is its ability to pre-heat metal scraps using the highly heated exhaust gas. This capability not only enhances the furnace's energy efficiency but also optimizes the utilization of metal scraps.

A noteworthy aspect of the ECOARC-light™ is its cost-effective implementation. By leveraging existing facilities within the plant to build this new feature, Osaka Steel has managed to significantly reduce the initial investment costs. Additionally, this strategic approach has also condensed the construction period, ensuring that the new furnace can be operational without undue delays.

This environmental initiative has also bolstered Osaka Steel's cost competitiveness. The company anticipates a reduction in CO₂ emissions by approximately 10 metric tons annually. Furthermore, with the start of operations set for FY2025, the company has invested around $8.7 billion in this project. Impressively, a portion of this investment is backed by grants, with Osaka Steel securing support from the "Promoting investments to lower energy use and encouraging change in energy demand structure project," directed by the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative.

Osaka Steel Co., Ltd. is not a newcomer to the steel industry. As one of the core Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel producers within the Nippon Steel group, it boasts an extensive product range that includes Angles, Channels, Bars, Flat bars, Rail, and more. The company's influence is particularly profound in Japan, where it enjoys a dominant market share. With production sites spread across multiple locations, including Osaka Unit (Sakai Works), Okajima Works, Nishi-Nippon Kumamoto Works, Kishiwada Works, Tokyo Kohtetsu (Oyama Works), and even an international presence in Indonesia, the company's footprint is indeed expansive


Osaka Steel's ECOARC-light™ installation epitomizes the blend of innovation and environmental responsibility. By integrating eco-friendly technology into their operations, the company not only fortifies its commitment to a sustainable future but also sets a precedent for the steel industry globally.

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