Outokumpu's Steel Monument: Välittäjä Unveiled"

The Välittäjä
The VälittäjäImage Source: Outokumpu


The "Välittäjä" sculpture, symbolizing former Finnish President Mauno Koivisto's bridging role between East and West, stands tall in Helsinki, constructed using Outokumpu stainless steel. Sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen's masterpiece, completed in two parts, spans six meters in height and fifteen meters in length, reflecting sustainability with a low carbon footprint through steel's resilient and recyclable nature.


A significant monument, "Välittäjä," designed by sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen, was unveiled in Helsinki's Little Parliament park on November 25, 2023, commemorating former Finnish President Mauno Koivisto's centenary. The sculpture, chosen from 110 submissions, is a six-meter-tall and fifteen-meter-long masterpiece crafted in two sections, enabling passage through its intricate structure along the park walkway.

Stainless steel, particularly from Outokumpu, was an ideal choice due to its durability and ability to fashion delicate, fine structures. The artist emphasizes steel's integral societal role in fostering sustainability and its suitability for crafting fragile yet resilient designs. This choice aligns with domestic production and sustainability, attributing the sculpture a small carbon footprint while giving recycled materials, like spoons and forks, a renewed purpose.

The construction of "Välittäjä" spanned nearly three years, a collaborative effort between diverse organizations and companies involved in the intricate 3D modeling, welding, and assembly processes. Kirsi Kaulanen's vision and execution underscore the significance of steel in artistry, sustainability, and societal representation, culminating in a monumental tribute to Finland's historical figure.


The artist's dedication to sustainability echoes Outokumpu's ethos, emphasizing the metal's recyclability and low carbon footprint in creating enduring, symbolic structures. The use of stainless steel from Outokumpu highlights its versatility, embodying strength in delicate forms, while contributing to sustainable practices, reinforcing the monument's enduring legacy.

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