Outokumpu's Strategic Shift: Restructuring Ferrochrome Production

OutokumpuImage Source: Outokumpu


Outokumpu has concluded negotiations to temporarily curtail ferrochrome production in Tornio, Finland. The move involves closing one ferrochrome furnace and one sintering plant until autumn 2024. Impacting 20 employees, the measures aim to navigate challenging market conditions. Ferrochrome, crucial for stainless steel production, faces strategic adjustments amid current industry dynamics.


In response to prevailing market challenges, Outokumpu, the Finnish stainless steel producer, has finalized negotiations pertaining to the temporary restriction of ferrochrome production at its Tornio facility. The strategic decision involves the closure of one ferrochrome furnace and one sintering plant until the autumn of 2024.

Initially, Outokumpu indicated that the proposed measures might impact up to 20 individuals. Following the completion of negotiations, the agreed-upon measures will affect this predetermined number. Some employees will transition to new roles within the company, while others will face temporary layoffs. The implemented measures are slated to persist until August 2024.

Martti Sassi, President of the Ferrochrome business area at Outokumpu, acknowledged the difficulty of the decision but emphasized its necessity in the current market context. The change negotiations were conducted collaboratively, reflecting the company's commitment to addressing challenges while maintaining a cooperative approach.

Ferrochrome, an alloy of chromium and iron, stands as a vital raw material in the production of stainless steel. The temporary closure of a ferrochrome furnace and a sintering plant aligns with Outokumpu's strategic response to navigate the evolving dynamics within the stainless steel industry.


Outokumpu's completion of negotiations and subsequent implementation of measures to temporarily restrict ferrochrome production underscores the company's proactive stance in adapting to challenging market conditions. The strategic decision, involving the closure of specific production units until August 2024, reflects Outokumpu's commitment to navigating industry dynamics while prioritizing collaborative solutions. As a key player in the stainless steel sector, Outokumpu acknowledges the necessity of such measures to ensure resilience and sustainability in a competitive market.

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