Ovako: Revolutionizing Swedish Steel Mill

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Ovako Group achieves Final Acceptance for its modernization venture in Hällefors, Sweden, enhancing the rolling mill's capacity to produce specialized steel for automotive, mining, and energy sectors. The project's technical advancements, including Red Ring Series 5 stands and predictive maintenance systems, promise improved product quality, reduced energy consumption, and lowered CO₂ emissions.


The Ovako Group inks the Final Acceptance Certificate for the sweeping modernization of its Hällefors-based rolling mill in Örebro County, Sweden. This plant, with an annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons of straight and coiled bars, specializes in manufacturing premium-grade steel bars tailored for automotive, mining, energy, and diverse industrial applications. The strategic investment aims to heighten operational sustainability and flexibilities within the rolling mill's operations.

Integral to this project was the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment, primarily featuring the partial replacement of the existing roughing train. Four cutting-edge Red Ring Series 5 stands, configured horizontally and vertically, now form the backbone of this enhanced system, complemented by advanced main reducers. Additionally, the installation of a new in-line pendulum shear ensures precise cropping of bar heads during rolling and facilitates emergency cutting when necessary.

The integration of the latest Red Ring stands, celebrated for their durability in this fifth generation, alongside meticulous rolling sequence design, has remarkably enhanced product quality. Operating at lower billet temperatures, these stands advocate reduced energy consumption and consequent lower CO₂ emissions, underscoring a commitment to environmental sustainability.

For efficient predictive maintenance, the PriSense system was deployed. Equipped with sensors on the equipment, it operates via an Edge Computing architecture, facilitating swift data processing before transmission to the control system. This system is a testament to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), tailored by POMINI Long Rolling Mills within a bespoke digital ecosystem for its clientele.

Completing the comprehensive supply were operational change equipment, lubrication and hydraulic units, primary motors and drives for the rolling stands, seamless integration of automation into the existing system, and installation and start-up services.

The success of this modernization project hinged upon meticulous on-site planning to minimize disruptions to production, adhering rigorously to the contractual schedule. This achievement was propelled by the dedication and expertise of on-site personnel, in synergy with the collaborative efforts between Ovako and POMINI Long Rolling Mills, alongside their partner AIC Automazioni Industriali Capitanio Srl, overseeing the electrical and automation components.

Ovako stands as a vanguard European manufacturer of engineering steel, catering to diverse sectors like bearings, transportation, and manufacturing. With a global footprint across Europe, North America, and Asia, Ovako champions sustainability by leveraging a production process reliant on steel scrap and a Nordic low-carbon electricity mix. Notably, the carbon footprint of Ovako's steel products is a striking 80 percent lower than the global average, highlighting their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Ovako's comprehensive modernization project at the Hällefors rolling mill marks a paradigm shift in steel production, aligning technological advancements with environmental stewardship. This transformative endeavor underscores Ovako's commitment to excellence, sustainability, and pioneering innovations in the global steel industry.

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