Ovako Unveils Renewed Brand Identity

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Ovako, a steel stalwart with a 500-year heritage, reveals a modernized logo at Elmia Subcontractor, signaling a fresh commitment to sustainability and excellence. This emblematic change embodies their dedication to responsible steelmaking and a promise for a greener future.


Ovako, a titan in the steel industry with a legacy spanning centuries, steps boldly into a new phase by introducing a revamped logo at Elmia Subcontractor. This shift marks not just a visual change but a deeper commitment to sustainability and innovation in steel production.

Amidst the rich tapestry of its 500-year-old history, Ovako emerges as a torchbearer for responsible steelmaking. The updated logo at Elmia Subcontractor signifies a pivotal moment, reflecting Ovako's deep-rooted dedication to sustainability, circularity, and carbon neutrality.

This transformation echoes a promise to the planet and future generations, exemplifying Ovako's commitment to pioneering quality engineering steel. Collaboration with customers, partners, and stakeholders fuels Ovako's drive to redefine benchmarks in the realm of high-quality steel production.

Beyond merely shaping steel, Ovako endeavors to shape a future where responsibility, collaboration, and innovation intertwine seamlessly with steel manufacturing. The logo's modernization mirrors Ovako's ethos—a commitment to sustainability and top-notch steel production.

Ovako's refreshed logo serves as a beacon, symbolizing its values, steadfastness, and dedication to crafting a sustainable, high-caliber steel future. This rebranding invites all to join Ovako's journey, where the legacy meets tomorrow's aspirations.


Ovako's unveiling of a renewed logo at Elmia Subcontractor heralds a significant chapter in its narrative. This emblematic change signals a profound commitment to sustainability, innovation, and high-quality steel production. Ovako invites everyone to witness and contribute to a legacy where tradition converges with a future driven by responsible steelmaking.

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