OVAKO: Vanguard of Green Metal Visionaries

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Ovako, a steel industry leader, initiates the audacious "Green Metal Heads World Tour 2024," seeking mavericks in metallurgy and material sciences to revolutionize steel's future. This recruitment drive, infused with the ethos of Heavy Metal, aims to engage talents at student fairs in Sweden and Finland. Join this tour to redefine steel's narrative with innovation, passion, and a rebellious edge.



Ovako, at the forefront of global steel, invites the next wave of pioneers through its "Green Metal Heads World Tour 2024." This unconventional initiative aims to attract bold minds in metallurgy and material sciences, transforming steel into an eco-friendly force. Embracing a vibe inspired by musical subgenres like Heavy Metal, Ovako's mission is to infuse steel-making with attitude and innovation.

The tour promises a dynamic experience across student fairs in Luleå, Stockholm, Örebro, and Linköping. This immersive campaign, slated for a Finnish expansion later in 2024, seeks to entice talents into a world of "Green Metal Heads." Attendees can immerse themselves in Ovako's unmistakable aura, walking away with iconic merchandise that embodies the company's boldness.

Participants of the tour can expect an array of Ovako-branded items, including T-shirts, patches, and tattoos, reflecting the rebellious spirit synonymous with the company. Beyond recruitment, this initiative champions a future where steel production is both enriching and enjoyable, urging talents to reshape the industry narrative.

Martin Egholt, Head of Talent Acquisition & People Development, and Saiva Zalkalns, Director and Head of Group Communications, collaborated with agency Open/Grow to bring this vision to life. They envision this campaign as a showcase of Ovako's spirit, emphasizing the company's capacity for individual development and immediate impact in a decarbonized future.

“This campaign epitomizes Ovako's essence. It's a space to grow and impact the world from day one. We aim to show candidates how they can contribute to a decarbonized future," stated Martin Egholt, highlighting Ovako's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering change.

Saiva Zalkalns echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the campaign's aim to attract individuals who challenge norms: "We intend to draw in diverse talent who dare to disrupt the norm. The 'Green Metal Heads' campaign aims to elevate Ovako's visibility and attract more graduates to contribute to our journey."


Ovako's "Green Metal Heads World Tour 2024" is not just a recruitment drive but a rebellion against steel's status quo. It offers a platform for visionary minds to redefine steel's trajectory with innovation and daring spirits. This campaign echoes Ovako's ethos of fostering talent, instigating change, and envisioning a decarbonized future for the steel industry.

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