Paradip Pledges: AM/NS India Gains Local Hearts

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In Paradip, Odisha, AM/NS India, a collaboration of ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, receives overwhelming local backing for its 7-MTPA steel project. Residents endorse the Rs 38,000 crore venture, emphasizing development and job opportunities. The public hearing in Nuagarh sees constructive dialogues between locals and the company, assuring concerns will be addressed. With a commitment to employ nearly 21,000 during construction and 7,000 in operation, AM/NS India prioritizes local youth. Environmental safeguards and community development are central to the project, showcasing a harmonious intersection of industrial growth and community welfare.



In a noteworthy turn of events, AM/NS India, the collaborative force of ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, experiences a resounding vote of confidence from the local populace in Paradip, Odisha. The proposed 7-MTPA steel project, set to materialize in Nuagarh village, garnered widespread support during a comprehensive public hearing.

The day-long event held at Nuagarh served as a platform for residents from neighboring villages to voice their concerns and expectations, while company representatives assured them of addressing every issue raised. The proposed steel mill, estimated at Rs 38,000 crore, is slated to stand near AM/NS India's existing pellet plant.

A pivotal aspect of the project lies in its potential to engage approximately 21,000 individuals during the construction phase and around 7,000 during operation, promising a significant boost to local employment.

According to a statement from the company, a key commitment involves prioritizing local youth in employment based on their skills. Furthermore, AM/NS India envisions fostering comprehensive development within the local community, aligning economic growth with the welfare of residents.

Suvendu Kumar Dash, senior manager at AM/NS India overseeing the Odisha project's environmental aspects, clarified that the anticipated environmental impact would be diligently addressed through an environment management program. He emphasized the deployment of cutting-edge technology to safeguard and protect the local ecology.

The public hearing witnessed active participation, with over a thousand attendees, including members of the local community, non-governmental organizations, and media personnel. The meeting, facilitated by the regional office of the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB), featured 67 individuals from the community expressing their views. Notably, 65 of them expressed support and favor for the proposed steel project, highlighting a prevailing sentiment of endorsement and optimism.

Senior officials from the state government also participated, underscoring the collaborative nature of the dialogue between the company and local stakeholders.


The overwhelming support garnered by AM/NS India in Paradip signals a promising trajectory for the proposed steel project. The constructive engagement between the company and the local community, as evident in the public hearing, emphasizes a balanced approach, addressing concerns while fostering development. With a commitment to local employment and environmental safeguards, AM/NS India's venture reflects a harmonious integration of industrial progress and community well-being.

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